Soup Request: Tessa Thompson

Man this girl does it for me. She didn’t show off much in Creed but then Thor Ragnarok she had that form fitting superhero costume on. Just watched War on Everyone on Netflix and HNNNNNG dat ass/legs *fistbite*



Well if you haven't seen westworld... 

fng1 -

Well if you haven't seen westworld... 

I haven’t watched this season yet. Please post spoilers of her hopefully naked body. Another favorite of mine Nathalie Emmanuel got it on with the unsullied Grey Worm for furious dryhumping last season on Game of Thrones! Love the light skinned biracial angels HNNNNNNG!


Yes!!! She makes me crazy, I'm not into lesbian porn but I would give my soul to see her with her girlfriend Jeanelle Mone.

holy shit thats one hot sista sandwich

She’s fucking gorgeous. Let’s do this Soup!!!!!

Oh yeah.... Me likey dat.... She looked better in Ragnorok than westworld imo... But she's still fine....

I'll take cate blanchett from Ragnorok though... She was Supa dupa fine.....