Soup Request: Twitch Bitch Amouranth


Tell me she has nudes

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If shes a tranny then I guess my preference is hot ass trannies.

Yea. She deserves her own thread. I think she is actually attractive and Amour is just thick.

Check out that weenus. Elbows too wrinkly.

I would like to see her butthole.

No noods. Deep fakes though. Meh…

Her real name is Kaitlin Siragusa or something


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Im black and love thick pale white girls. I like to bang them at night because their skin glows under the moonlight… shit is sexy. I imagine Im a Lord of the rings Orc and she is a woodland elven princess who stumbled into the wrong side of the shire… It goes down in my bedroom pimps (If your into Lord of the Rings lure)!!

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Frodo gets it!