Source: Fedor likely to fight Wand on NYE for 2mil

A source from the inner circle of Emelianenko has informed Izvestia that Fedor got the offer from Rizin on his hands. 

Fedor Team has the offer for a fight on December 31 in Japan on a Rizin event. Contract value is known, it is about $2 mil. Japan loves Fedor, he's a hero  there as he is in our country. Fedor Team is contemplating the offer at the moment, and they most likely will accept it. Official announcement to come in the next two weeks. The opponent has not been approved yet but the possible candidate is Wanderlei Silva. 

Better late than never? A little bit of a size difference these days isn't there? Unless wand is back on his "vitamins & minerals " imagine pride wand back all swole/ripped and pissed off again.

Too bad this never happened when they both were on top back in pride.

fedor just loves fighting middleweights these days, some legacy Phone Post 3.0

who picks fedors opponents? They do a marvelous job. It's always something there. Too old like monson and rizzo. They obviously saw ishii isn't ready and allergic to strikes. Jaideep Singh?? fabios maldonados best UFC win is a dude know for being Chris Weidmans training partner or Joey Beltran. Just saying fedors handlers seem to know what they are doing.

Wand is still no joke. If Fedor fights the way he did against Maldonado he will get KO'd by Wanderlei.

Wand will be 60 and no joke... But let's be honest despite wands bjj black belt :) sorry

Fedor has a huge grappling advantage and it's not like wand is hard to takedown especially for a grappler the caliber of fedor.

Sure wand can clip him and make fedor do that dance he does when rocked.. Could happen

I'm excited

Deep down i'm sure he and his camp know he is no longer near the top of his game. I would rather he fight a few more fights vs these types of opponents than end his career getting flatlined 4 in a row.

He was a great fighter. He's a prize fighter cashing in on a legacy he earned by walking through the division for years on end.

War Fedor. Phone Post 3.0

Atlee - fedor just loves fighting middleweights these days, some legacy

Yet these MW tend to come in the same size or even bigger with way more muscle. Also lets no forget how past prime Fedor is, and he's not got the speed and power advantage that made him unbeatable against the beasts he fought in the best era of HW's we are likely to see.


He's done imo, but lets not pretend he's not one of the GOAT, lets also no pretend the UFC is the end all and be all, their HW's  have and always been shit untill the strikeforce merger

Forget the Wand fight...Get Carwin in there ASAP. Phone Post 3.0

I don't think fedors handlers want him fighting legit beast with the power and ability of a Shane carwin.

That's a good fight for both of them and the most exciting fight Rizin can make imo.

Also funny to see Fedor getting the same money as Nate Diaz (minus Nate's ppv points). Phone Post 3.0

have to take a believe it when I see it approach.

they haven't even announced all the Grand Prix fighters for this month yet.

Fun nostalgia fight.


Strict performance enhancing testing will be in place.

Both fighters will need to submit 3 mandatory blood samples to ensure both fighters have taken as much testosterone as possible. Phone Post 3.0


take him down, fedor, no more stand n wang

Couldn't he find a smaller opponent? lol But I'll be watching if it happens.

This is who I want to see him fight

So Rizin has an Open Weight GP with the first round on Sept. 25, second and third rounds on Dec. 29 and 31. They say Wand is in the tournament, but has a bye to the 2nd round.

So is Wanderlei out of the GP, cause I doubt Fedor is in.

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take him down, fedor, no more stand n wang