South Africa: Over 80 men accused of raping 8 women

Black gal could legit worry. That White Gal, she can only hope in her case

80 kanz.

So I watched the Indian porridge video. Wasn’t so much ‘falling’ as in casually sitting himself in and then resisting any help to pull him out.

Suicide by porridge?

The guys trying to pull him out could barely deal with getting any of the porridge on themselves and the dude was just chilling and then just walks off at the end lol. One guy even got fucking nailed by it when it tipped out at the end and probably incurred severe injuries himself.

It was also some disgusting looking porridge

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That can be said about Mexico also

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Damn whitey

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Cnn and Twitter say that was here in the US under Trump and he was directly involved in doing all those things to blacks, Mexicans and the gays.

I lived out that way for a while. Right on Moon Rd

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Ficking horrific

Was there bukake?

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Pedras being Pedras…

If they we’re White. It would say in the Headline 80 White Men. Instead of 80 Men

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What a wonderful culture we should definitely bring them to work here in NYC & LA

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I moved in 7th grade so I don’t remember many street names

Theyve been bringing them here 0n j-1 visas forever .mackinac island in michigan is little pretoria in the summer


South Africa used to be a first world country.

What happened?