South African "Apartied" in Tesla Work Factories

Sorry, bro, it’s cucky. Nobody capitalized that shit until the media started doing it a couple years ago. Asian doesn’t count. Remember when they were called African Americans a few years back? Since BLM, black has become a proper noun somehow but, of course, White has not.

He’s a black hebrew Israelite. My idea’s are broad.

So, he likes to dress like Mortal Kombat, make white people lick their boots, and get jews to cry about the holocaust?


I have not been keeping up with SA’s situation so I would not know but how the hell is aparteid in the workplace? Aint they ran by blacks now?

LOL shut up and take the win. No punitive damages that high will ever stand.

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Federal investigations

State investigations

Lawsuits and Settlements

Class-Action Litigation

Family drama

Not gonna feel bad for a guy so rich and powerful, but ole Elon’s really eating some shit lately, huh?

.1. I seriously doubt the guy was called a Nagger. #567435 of things that did not happen, but always good for an excuse.

  1. Pragmatic Elon will stop hiring Naggers to avoid future bullshit.

Well done libs.

Nobody capitalized that shit until the media started doing it a couple years ago.

Obviously the jews at the NYT, who capitalise Black but not White are hostile to us. Because of their open hatred, I don’t capitalize them.
But otherwise I see no harm in capitalising the races. Because this goes both ways: Capitalzing recognises race as something more than trivial descriptors (brah it’s just skin color!).
As an adult, you hopefully understand the reciprocity involved in granting respect. I want Whites to be recognized and respected, thus I grant the same to Asians, Blacks, Indians or subclades like Celt, Turk or Aztec.

If you want to stress the difference between American citizenry hailing from different continents, it can have its uses. More words that actually mean something means technically more tools.

Holy fuck I would have taken the 15 million