South Dakota Judo?

Is there any Judo or Jiu Jitsu in South Dakota? I have to move there for a year and I need some where to train! Wyoming, Montana as long as I can drive to it.

I think Vern Borgern(sp?)has a club somewhere. SD is a big empty place.

Ben R.

I'm not sure of schools in SD, but Vern Borgen teaches in Fargo, ND. He runs a great school, but Fargo is in the east and it sounds like you're going to be in western SD.

I believe Bismark and Dickenson ND also have judo clubs. Maybe they would be closer to you?

How close will you be to Billings MT? There are a couple of judo (and BJJ) clubs there.

A friend of mine has a JJ/Judo club in Billings. That's a long way to drive!

Ben R.

thanks. I'll just have to find something I guess or drive a ways.