South Florida MA schools?

I'm moving back home to Okeechobee, FL early next year and need to find a place to train within driving distance. "Driving distance" pretty much means Ft. Pierce, Stuart, Vero Beach, etc., just about any place on the Treasure Coast is within an hour or so.

Does anyone known of BJJ, judo, or other grappling/MMA-type schools in that area? Miami and Boca are a little out of my driving distance unless I only went like twice a month or something.

Thanks for any UG help!

Din Thomas has an academy.

ATT of Port St. Lucie

2109 Lennard Road

Port St. Lucie (772) 337-5588

American Top Team

Thanks very much, just talked to Din on the phone and will be starting to train there as soon as I move down in January or February.

BTW Din seemed like a very down-to-earth and nice guy on the phone.

I e-mailed Din a while back about coming to train at his school for a few days. He was really cool about it. He's an awesome fighter as well. I would definitely train with him if I was in the area.


Nigeto Jiu Jitsu!

Is Eduardo De Lima still in the Dunedin area? I went past address on main st and saw nothing.

SDriver- He's even nicer in person. I was a fan of his before he joined our team.

Also, they have a great BJJ coach there in "Gigueto".

Best of luck with your trainin!

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