South Jersey BJJ?

I have a friend that recently moved to Swedesboro (sp?) which is exit 3 on the turnpike. Anyone know what the closest school is?



Thanks for the tip on Ricardo. I recommended Ricardo, and he is still an option...but it is still about an hour away. Trying to find something closer.

Yea it takes me an hour and a half to get there. I still would have it no other way. I train at Ricardos two times a week then at our affiliate school about a half hour from me two days a week or so. Just keep it in mind. Tom D

Tamien...I heard Ricardo is moving his school in July. Can you tell me where you guys are moving to?

Yes plans are in the works now. But nothing is 100% sure as far as I know. I believe they are moving to Bordentown(sp?). I know it's almost 30 minutes closer to me. I don't know if that would be further for you though. Go to his website and shoot him an email, ask for info. Tom D.


Thanks for the input. This is for my buddy. I live in Old Bridge and am a purple at Performance Jiu Jitsu.

Hopefully he can work something out. The school with Brad is only about 20-25 minutes away from him, so that might be a better choice. I am gonna give him all this info and he will decied what is best for him.

In addition to Almeida, who is great, but far from you and expensive, here is one place closer to you in South Jersey:

John Hassett - Phil Migliarese/Relson Gracie Black Belt - in Washington Township, about a half hour away from Swedesboro.


Other possibilities are Philadelphia schools. (despite his school name, he is a BJJ black belt.)

PhillyBJJChick is correct.

Hasslets Karate has a Bjj instructor? I know I've driven by that place...

If you're just looking for grappling, a couple people have told me Vineland Judo has some good guys, and that Warrior Tribe place in Vineland has CSW classes...


True about Vineland Judo. Also a Judo club in Philly at Maxercise.

David Adiv
He lives in livingston, if that's close to you