South Jersey Grappling Tournament

This is the first of many Submission Grappling Tournaments to come in the "Jersadelphia" area! The first will take place at 3 Larwin Road, in Cherry Hill, NJ. With such a large talent pool in the Deleware Valley, we are expecting some exciting competition!

Championship belts will be awarded to the winners of each advanced division and for the absolute division! 2nd and 3rd place will receive medals. All other divisions will be awarded medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. We will also be hosting superfights to be announced. We will be using rules and scoring similar to that of "Grapplers Quest" circuit. (Slight Modifications. See rules page). There will be a plaque awarded to the 1st place team.

We will have female divisions but will not have details for these until next week. If you are a female interested in competing, please e-mail me at and give me your weight and skill level. Thank you.

Registration Fee: $40 Pre- Registration $35 (note: Pre-registration is highly recommended since there will be a limit to the amount of competitors at the tournament)

Please e-mail for a pre-registration form. Just type pre reg in the subject line. There is no garauntee there will be space available the day of, so it is a good idea to register ahead of time to ensure your spot and to save some money.

Spectators are welcome. Spectator Entrance Fee: $5

This will be a fun, exciting and safe tournament. Competitive of course, but no malicious intent will be tolerated.

There will be three skill level divisions (more skill level divisions may be added the day of)...Beginner, 6 months or less experience (no wrestlers), intermediate which will be 6-18 months and advanced, 18 months experience and up. No pro fighters except for the 8 man pro-tournament. Please include your wrestling backround as experience when choosing your division. Weight Classes (subject to change depending on attendance. May get shorter)

There will also be an absolute division which competitors may enter at no extra charge. All teams are welcome!

* Lightweight: 159.9 lbs. and below
* Middleweight: 160 – 179.9 lbs.
* Cruiserweight: 180 – 199.9 lbs.
* Heavyweight: 200 lbs. and over 

$700 cash prize for the, 8 Man Pro Tournament.
Also sponsored by Grapplers Quest

8 man pro-division

1. Ken Primola, Balance Studios Brown Belt
2. Brian McLaughlin, Sport Fighting MMA Light Weight Champ
3. Andrew "Goatfury" Smith , Revolution Team Brown Belt
4. Jonathan 'JT' Torres, Performance BJJ/RGDA , Grapplers Quest Champ
5. Ryan Hall, Team Lloyd Irvin
6. Jojo Guarin, Sean Alvarez Brown Belt
7. Andre Maracaba, Team Maxericse, Regis Lebre Black Belt
8. Jason Duchez, Yamasaki Brown Belt

1. Jason Scully, Owner of Jersey Shore BJJ
2. Tony Pacenski, Revolution Team BJJ Black Belt

Weigh-ins and registration are from 9am-10am for all divisions.

Approximate Start Times: Key word is "approximate":) Of course, everything depends on the number of competitors and that can't be calculated to the T. So, this is our best assesment. Expect the first division to kick off at 11am which would be the Men's Advanced, Lightweight Division. After the advanced divisions, the intermediates will go. Intermediate competitors can expect to compete after 1pm. Again, not set in stone. Pro-Division Start time is to be announced (note: all other divisions will break during the Pro-Division). The day will finish out with the beginners which I expect to start by 3pm. Coaches....please e-mail with any questions. Look forward to more Pro-Divisions for other weight classes in the near future! Train hard and look forward to seeing you there!