South Jersey MMA Gyms

Ok need help, looking for a new gym in South jersey.....prices included if possible!

Especially ones that can do month to month, hate the whole idea of being locked into a contract.....yes i know its also business but damn its like bally's sometimes with these places

Where in South Jersey are you?

i know brads place....gand has a great squad great place but $$$ yikes...trained there a while ago he"s a good guy!

im near gloucester/camden/washington twshps

Depends on the level of instruction you want

Kpoz (I think they're called Tribe now maybe?) is a decent place to get started out at with a good black belt as the instructor. However, if you want to be compete at all you should avoid the place

Hassett's is a great BJJ gym, might be a little pricey though

I train at Brad's and wouldn't go anywhere else. Fair price, great instruction, great team

There's a couple other places. NextGen in Mantua (maybe) seems to have a good club going. Plus an L.A. Boxing just opened up in Turnersville but I haven't even stopped in to check them out yet