South Korea President Snubs Pelosi! LOL!

Too busy on vacation…LOL!




I snub that bitch too.

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That’s fantastic.

Le Giga-Shat

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The whole article is about the South Korean presidents abysmal approval rating.

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Allies and enemies of the US, neither want any part in the current coup.

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Her visit didn’t help anything, it raised tensions over there which SK / Japan / Taiwan need to live with not her.

That said I’m glad she went after China told her not to, I just wish she had a real agenda that led to positive change.

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As I have been saying, from a diplomatic point of view this was another horrendous foreign policy decision and one we are going to come to rue. It was always bigger than China. All we did was galvanize the Chinese, demonstrate to other nations in the region that we are reckless and created uncertainty for the entire region.

The biggest winner here was Russia.


Nice to see the democrats have brought honor, integrity and respect back.

Because Trump embarrassed us.

Or something.


What good comes out of sending a house speaker on a fucking world tour? All it has done is increased tensions between China and Taiwan. And of course SK wants no part of that shit. All Asian countries would be smart to blow Pelosi off.

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It would be hilarious if they all just told her not to enter their air space. Her “standing” up to china is like the nerdy kid in school beating up a midget. It sounds fun but when you see it you realize how really pathetic it is.

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT LITTLE STORY!?!? Is Biden writing her material?!? Did Sarah Palin jump ship and become a Dem speech writer?