South Park season 21 starts August 23.

Booyahkashah.  It is gonna be lit.  

Are they going to do a full season story like the last few seasons or will it be random episodes like before?

I'm willing to bet PC Principal has a complete nervous breakdown coming up with how he was handled toward the end of season 20.

I don't know, man, man.  

Seems like they do full season stories

in. bump this when it's on, I'm guaranteed to forget

I love it still.  But do miss random episodes.  

They were on bill simmons' podcast a couple of weeks ago and we're talking about how they were looking forward to getting back to doing stand alone episodes. It's a pretty good interview considering they don't do a lot of media.

Well, after the end of last season, you had fans theorizing that Parker and Stone may go back to random episodes after how current events blew up their original plans.

I really wish Lennart Bedrager would've been revealed to be Reality. That would've made sense and blown people's minds. Parker and Stone were talking about how they have(had?) an idea to bring back Reality that would blow people's minds...


Going back to stand alone episodes would be lit.  

This will be the official season 21 South Park thread.  

Random episodes were way better. Plus they should ease off current events too.


The last episode was titled something like "the end of serialization as we know it" or something. So I think they're going back to the one-offs. I like the occasional 3 part story arcs.