Southcentral WIsconsin BJJ ???

I am moving from a small town in Illinois, to Jefferson Wisconsin. Can anyone give me a good Brazilian Jiujitsu (GI if any) school that might be in the area and how far the travel time might be???


I'm way up near Green Bay, so I may not have the most
current information, but I think you'll have about 3 choices...

Walworth County Submission Club is in Elkhorn. Nice group
of guys - still kind of in the growing stages.

Madison Jiu-Jitsu Academy, obviously up in Madison. Solid
group led by Mark Plavcan.

The Monkey Bar, another good place up in Madison. This
group is led by Jon Hinds.

Good luck with your training!

Henry Matamoros is in Milwaukee....about 40 minutes from

Jefferson to Bay View in 40 minutes? Jeez, I must be a slow

I looked up Jefferson, and I'm guessing the Third Heaven
Sun Prairie location is the closest. But if time is no object,
Henry's has the largest number of high ranking belts to roll

Thank you to everyone who responded...

57 minutes according to Mapquest and that takes into consideration religiously driving the speedlimit?

dave strasser in kenosha

I had a roomate who lived in Jefferson, and the ride out to his house
from downtown Madison took 30 minutes. Pretty much a straight shot
down 12 if memory serves right. There are two schools there. My
biased recomendation is that you go to Madison JJ over the Monkey
Bar. Cheaper (which in this case doesn't mean that its worse) and much
smaller so you'll far more personal attention. In terms of location,
Madison JJ is about 5 minutes east of the Monkeybar. Thats pretty
much a non factor. Madison JJ does 2 days of no gi per week. I'm not
sure about the Monkey Bar but i feel that they train much less no gi.

That may impact ur decision as u said you wanted mainly gi.

I believe that Brian Gerahty (sp?) teaches the grappling program at
Strassers. I've rolled with him and hes quite good. However, I am not
at all sure how often they do subwrestling at Strasser's Freestyle
Academy. The focus there is on MMA, and for that they are the best
school in the state bar none. They do not train at all with the gi to my

If you just want to learn to strictly grapple, Madison JJ or Henry's school
in Milwaukee are your best bets. You will find successful MMA fighters
at both gyms, if that is something you are interested in eventually.

Feel free to stop in and and check out 3rd Heaven in Sun Prairie. We train lots if stan-up from 6 till 7, then jiujitsu (usually w/gi) from 7 till 9. Hope to see you there.

I would not go to Stevens Point, the last time I was there they tried to touch my swimsuit parts.

If you didn't wear a thong all the time....yesh red