Congrats to all the florida fighters who won their fights tonight. The show was in douglas GA and was a very well put together event.TJ Cook, Todd Cutler, and Charles Blanchard all looked good. There was a couple more but dont know all of hand. I was pleased with the event!

ttt - for full results...


I will post here what I remember. I did not see everything because I was in the locker rooms.

-Charlie did great. Props to Cade for taking alot of Fedor-style hard shots and not tapping. Charlie by ref stoppage to GnP.

-Clay Hill looked really good in his win.

-Tony Souza did great. He was so relaxed and endured the worse part of some standup to set up a nice takedown to win by armbar.

-Props to Josh Rutgers for stepping up at the last minute. He got up and ran 3 miles yesterday morning, continuning on his diet to drop weight. He took a fight with Jay "The Iron Guillotine" Castor 10 minutes before the show started. Josh was doing pretty good before Jay caught him in a freaky guillotine from north-south position.

-TJ Cook won last night by doctor stoppage for a cut. Jason Wells tried to push the action and was all heart while being dominated.

There were several more fights, but, I can't remember the results.

It was a very good show. Scott Harper treated the fighters better than alot of the bigger shows putting them up, exp, even unlocked the door to his gym so I could cut the last pound at the weigh inns, but most of all everyone got paid promptly. So ttt for Scott Harper and all the praxis guys and people who helped to put on an unbelievable show. Thanx again Scott!


My brother, how did it go for you last night?

Charles Blanchard is a beast.

Pete looked very good. While his setup and finish was very nice I was impressed with his takedown the most. It was a nice clean shot to double, he countered his opponent's defense and guillotine attempt and finally finished the takedown passing to side. Pete's not a very intimidating looking dude so it's always nice to see the more reserved looking guys demonstrating some good, solid technical skill.

It was a good show and Scott and Jack always treat everyone great.

It was the first time I had seen the new amateur rules in action and I can say I am not impressed. It makes for some very boring fights and causes a lot of confusion with the crowd. The people in the audience had no idea why some guys were getting punched in the face and others weren't.

I think Andy's gonna be a good ref. He's still a little green in there but he will learn and improve over time with more experience. That rules meeting was the funniest thing I have witnessed in a long time. I was laughing so hard I cried. When andy's career in MMA is over he has a great future in stand-up comedy.



i will attest to charles blanchard being a beast. he works me over at every practice! look for him to make waves, he is one of the more talented fighters i have trained with.

i want to see tony souza's fight too. when will this come out on dvd? or will it? also, whens the next event? charles says the promoter takes great care of the fighters, i might like to get on a card if possible!

Yes, Andy was the ref. He is inexperienced but I feel like he will improve with time.

Pete, didn't mean that as an insult or anything. It's just cool to see guys who can actually fight without looking like prison inmates or guys with mommy/daddy issues with chips on their shoulders mean mugging everyone in the room.



Maybe Scott or someone would post full results please???

i think bam bam beat cade in about 45 seconds he said.

travenbjj who do you fight for?

Almost all of the fighters were cool, laid back guys. I fought on Scott's show back in March, and yes, he takes care of the fighters! If it weren't for the new ammy rules, I would have fought this past weekend.

TTT for full results!


Does anyone have a date for southern rage 3 or how often Scott Harper puts on shows?

TTT for an answer!!!!!

1)Brian Moore vs. Jake Brinson - Moore via arm bar
2)Clay Hill vs. Jeremy Anderson - Hill via key lock with legs.
3)Chris Ruiz vs. Brad Johnson – Ruiz via decision
4)Tony Hunter vs. Tod Cutler - Cutler via choke(guillotine I think)
5)Josh Rutgers vs. Jay Castor - Castor via guillotine choke. (Rutgers took the fight just before the fighters meeting started. Props to a tough SOB)
6)Rusty Transue vs. Chris Anderson - Anderson via reverse guillotine choke
7)Zach Barrios vs. Pete Snider - Snider via choke (slick Von Flue choke)
8)Tony Sousa vs. Michael Adams - Sousa via arm bar
9)Charlie “Magic Fingers” Blanchard vs. Cade Lee - Blanchard via TKO
10)TJ Cook vs. Jason Wells - Cook via doctor stoppage.(TJ opened up a canyon on top of my boy Jason’s head with a nasty knee.)

Great fights all the way around. Thanks for all the fighters acting professional.
Also, one of the best fighters meetings I have ever been a part of. Andy Foster is one of the funniest mofos that I know!

The rules meeting was definitely one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.