Southpaw padwork?

I have lots of padwork progressions for righthanded fighters, what should a southpaw be training?
Anyone have some progressions for lefties?



Hmm not positive what a progression is... but seeing no one else is offering advice... I'm a southpaw and I don't always (usually) get my own special pad work to do so I tend to improvise when necessary off whatever we're given for a routine... it's just a matter of paying attention and saying "Gee I could set myself up for an inside thigh kick if I do xyz".

Of course... that's when/if my partner figures out how to hold the pads for me.. sometimes it's hard enough to get someone to hold the pads correctly (they've got crazy good muscle memory for holding it righty- even if you go over it with them several times they will usually revert back at some point) so switching things up generally isn't a good idea when it means a 5 minute explanation which leaves them more confused and means missing out on a good part of the workout. :/

Would LOVE to hear someone's ideas about this topic though- so hopefully someone will post....

A Progression is just a series of combos that build on each other.
Jab, cross
Jab, cross, hook
and so on.

as you go up you start mixing in more stuff like bob and weave and slipping and stuff.

There has to be some padwork specific to lefties because the openings are different. Jab, cross obviously still applies but the counter punches you should be expecting would probably be different depending on if you had steps outside the opponents lead foot or not.

Does anyone even know of a coach that specializes in lefties?

Help a brotha out!

ttt for lefties


Holding pads with southpaws is the most awkward 5 minutes of your life, then you stop accidentally getting hit/kicked in the face and balls.

what combinations where you training?

When I train southpaw students I just give them the same drills oriented for being left handed. Jab, Cross, Kick is still Jab, Cross, Kick you know. Now if you are talking about specific fighting drills that depends on whether your opponent is orthodox or southpaw as well.

I'm a right handed Southpaw and my coach has me do basically the same drills as everyone else. The only difference I've noticed is that my coach tends to have me work my right hook more and my bodyshots. I also tend to use my cross more as a set up than a power shot.

Most people do get very confused if they're not used to holding for me.

Thanks Chris, I am assuming that the opponent is orthodox. If it were another southpaw I could use all the standard padwork by changing sides.

Right handed southpaw?

All the places I have ever trained with just tell lefties to do the same as everyone else. I trained with one guy who was a big proponent of Bruce Lee's "strong side forward" theory, and even he got me to train like a right hander.

The truth is that nobody seems to know how to train a leftie.

"Right handed southpaw?"

My power hand's up front instead of in back.

Turn your training partners into southpaws. I'm a lefty and my coach recently had my training partner (orthodox) box southpaw. The results were tremendous.. we was faster and his punches were not a sloppy.

Use the exact same drills you use for orthadox, just mirror the pad positions and progression.

i hold pads for one of my buddies that can fight lefty or righty. it took some getting used to. i just change my stance and put everything backwards.

I'm a right-handed southpaw coz my right foot's all messed up: born club, so I don't have much strength pushing off from it.

From what I've seen and experienced, when doing southpaw padwork, it's more important to focus on footwork, dealing with proper positioning, and strategy. So the pad holder should probably maintain an orthodox stance.

H20Dragon, brought up some good ones: leading with the left straight, focusing on the right hook and body shots.

Some other ones I've seen are: parrying the lead hand to jab/hook over; slipping a left jab to go to work on the body; leading & countering with the upper (in addition to the cross); lots of focus put on circling outside the padholder's lead leg; and doing a lot of the same type of work for legs/takedowns if you're a kickboxer/mma guy.

"The results were tremendous.. we was faster and his punches were not a sloppy."

Probably because he focused on his mechanics.

A southpaw should develop a powerful LEFT cross.

even more so than orthodox fighters because out of habit when we circle we walk right into a southpaw's cross. ugh...

"slipping a left jab to go to work on the body;"

For some reason, I've found it much easier to slip the cross (and work the body) when I fight an orthodox guy. Usually if I try to slip the jab, I eat it. Go figure.

Lots of Left hands and left kicks.

Make them circle to their right alot to keep their lead foot outside their right handed opponents lead foot.

jab, cross, drop step to slip a counter right hand.

left kick, right teep.