Southpaw Strategies

To all the southpaws here. What are some good strategies/combinations that work well against orthodox fighters? I know this has been asked here before but I can't remember what was said. Any input is appreciated.

Circle to your right. Throw lots of left crosses, right hooks and left round kicks to the inner thigh.

Thanks, any more?

As you circle, use the lead leg round kick to stop your opponent from angling to face you.

Also, use the lead right to slap the jab down and fire your jab/hook over his.

Eventually your opponent will get sick of not being able to circle to his left and move right to set up a kick or punch--that when you throw the left cross.

read the archives

I did before I posted this but I still didn't see it. maybe I missed it. What is it called?

Here's some tactics I've found useful as a southpaw:

-- Stay outside their lead side as much as possible. This takes a lot of work against somebody that knows how to fight a southpaw. Stick to it though.

-- Use right jab a lot from various angles, even if it doesn't land that much. Don't jab inside their lead hand as much though because a good fighter will parry & counter with their own jab.

-- Parry/block their jab to the inside and counter with your jab.

-- Use your lead leg kick as a jab. Set-up power shots and keep range with it.

-- Use your rear roundhouse kick to their body, inside lead leg and rear leg.

-- Use straight left cross to their chest & face.

-- Circle mostly to your right. When they turn to adjust fire your left cross.

-- Occasionally bump to your left at a hard angle then fire the left cross.

-- Slip their right cross to your left while throwing your right hook(this works extremely well).

Fighting southpaws is supposed to be annoying. Keep it that way. Give angles, mess with their lead hand constantly and turn them towards your left hand. Be persistent and patient with your game plan.

Thanks Ryan I will keep all of that in mind. Does anyone else have anything to add?

I like that counter too Big Boss. I have a hard time pulling it off though. Probably because I'm tall and don't punch the body well.