Southpaw v. Southpaw?

Just did this for the first time tonight and it was
a total bitch. Didn't help that the other guy was
taller and faster. Nothing worked, got pelted with
jabs because I kept on looking for his other hand.
What an absolutely miserable experience. On the plus
side he said he was equally uncomfortable, because of
my hook.

I know this sounds kind of strange, but does anyone
have any tips on how a southpaw should fight another
southpaw? I tried just thinking we were both orthodox
but ended up scrambling my brains. Everything I was
doing seemed to be wrong.

I feel your pain. Unfortunately, I don't have very much advice. I just concentrate on throwing a very hard and straight jab without trying much else.

ttt Can anyone help me out here?

Its about time you got some of your own medicine back nottheface, now you know how we all feel when we have to fight southpaws(just joking)!!!
Which way did you find you were both moving most of the time???

To our respective rights, just out of habit. And yes,
now I realize why us southpaws are so reviled by the
entire boxing world.

We also kept on stepping into each other's power.
Wouldn't have been so bad if his left hand wasn't so
much better than mine.