Souza: I haven't done anything in my division yet

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                                Souza: I haven't done anything in my division yet 
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                    <p>Rondaldo 'Jacare' Souza has made an impressive transition into the UFC from Strikeforce and is positioning himself towards a title fight, but if you ask him, he hasn't done anything 'yet' to earn it:</p>

"That’s a possibility, it might happen," Souza told when asked if a potential No. 1 contender match-up with Machida or Mousasi.

"If I win this fight, there’s a chance that I fight for the title next. Anything can happen. I just want to get there and fight. If they give me the opportunity to fight for the title next I’ll accept it, of course, but I have no idea if it’s going to happen or if I’m going to wait. I just want to fight."

"I haven’t done anything in my division yet," he said. "I still have a lot to prove in the middleweight division, and I can’t focus on other division now. I have a big challenge in front of me and there are a lot of fighters I still have to fight at 185."

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This is why I love this guy. I hope he becomes champion someday. Him vs victor would be BRUTAL

Rather see him vs Weidman..

Him vs Vitor would just come down to Jacare getting the clinch and take-down. Vitor has nothing on the ground for J. Sp either that or a flask KO.

I rather see Silva vs Vitor again. Vitor striking has improved a lot. Silva's has become almost human ( not quite their though). Would be a great standup battle.

Much love for Jacare though. Could be a future contender. "Feed " Bisping to him! Phone Post 3.0