The grand opening of Sovereign MMA has finally arrived. Sovereign MMA is a performance apparel company specializing in designing and distributing high quality mixed martial arts gear. The Sovereign team invites you to view our product line at and experience our innovation firsthand. Our featured product is our MMA Shorts, with a unique design that sets us apart from the rest. We've had some outstanding feedback on these and I know you'll love them! Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to help. Happy Holidays, Steve


I wasn't able to read Dan's comments, but the velcro enclosing is not what I was referring to. To my knowledge, I haven't seen any MMA gear company include a Neoprene waist-lining, which everyone who's tried our shorts just loves. My guess was that Dan was trying to help out and ttt this thread.


Dan knows shorts.

And neoprene is an interesting concept, props to that.

How long do these companies last? It seems like over saturation considering how small MMA community really is.

Most companies fold fast bacause they come out guns blazing and hope to dominate the market, and then realize how much the market pays back.

The companies that have been around the longest (Tapout, Hitman, ect.) are the ones that would still be here even if they didnt have a sucessfull clothing line. These guys are some of the biggest fans in the sport today, and the prize of being involved in the sport is sometimes worth more than some can afford.

Jay is correct. Much like a lot of the MMA business, and hopefully it will change in a few years, clothing/gear isnt a get rich quick proposition. In fact unless you're Tapout and your brand has spread beyond, it's not even get rich slow.

I knew it coming in before I ever thought I'd dabble in selling gear. It's a small market AND unless you totally jack your prices up into crazyland, you arent going to satisfy any whims of getting rich - and you will also be bleeding a lot of guys who dont have a lot of money. Something a real fan wouldnt do. Props to the guys who have stuck it out.. I think things will improve about 2 years down the road as mainstream momentum picks up.


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Best of luck to you, It's a very competative market!!! Just like the sport


love the price!! you got yourself a customer

Sovereign MMA Gear- Can you email me at some questions for you about your products.

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Fearless Goat, email sent.



Thanks for all the great feedback, guys!

hey what's up Ken...good to see you guys doing business

This is actually Steve, but I'll pass along your message.