"I've used other brands of grappling shorts, and the Sovereign shorts are definately the best I've had.  The fabric is extremely light and
comfortable,fast drying and the neoprene waistband (no snaps or strings) allows total freedom of movement.  I'd definately recommend the Sovereign grappling shorts to any submissions grappler or mixed martial artist."

Tim Cartmell
Head Instructor
Shen Wu Academy of Martial Arts

Author of Passing the Guard

We've received great response to our new MMA Shorts!! They differ from others out there because of the Neoprene-lined waistband, giving them added comfort and a better fit.  Like many other high-quality shorts out there, they are made of Micro-fiber Polyester. We've also made sure to embroider the logos so they never wear off!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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all I see are red x's

Is it working now?

Kinda look like Sprawls?

Shaq Daddy



sprawl has a universal look base on surfing shorts so....

but these look like great shorts..i wound like to try them out
and give a report on them for "MMA Sports"

maumoco de la rose