Soyboy Forgets He Isn't On The Internet!



Excellent show of restraint after slipping the first punch. His response after the push was warranted.


I think security guard handled it perfectly. Besides maybe a hard shove that would have sent dude flying and MAYBE give him a dose of reality.

Forget the ‘internet’ thing. Alcohol have made people delusional and take bad decisions for thousands of years ha ha.


Shirt over the face was hilarious…Especially with the sound effect.


Dunno if that was a soy boy with those jorts, more of a cholo boy with the world’s slowest hands


It’s hysterical to me that most people that run their mouths and posture up in the street have zero fighting ability.

I’ve trained for a long time, and consider myself pretty adept at fighting in all ranges of combat but I will do everything in my power to avoid a street fight.

  1. too many variables (weapons, friends jumping in etc)

  2. unintended outcomes (I KO dude, he cracks his head off the sidewalk and now I’m arrested for manslaughter).

  3. Too much at stake (could be crippled for life or in prison and how can I provide for my family if that happens?).

To sum up, fuck street fighting unless it is absolutely, positively necessary.


I didnt know Jnco shorts were still a thing.

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I’m in the same boat but I’ll tell you what it damn sure is fun to daydream about how helpless some fuck would be if you decided he needed to be choked out.

Dude’s posturing was hilarious

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The exact same thing could happen to you. That’s why you avoid street fights. Plus a guy could just shoot you.

Yeah that was part of his post that I was agreeing with, because I’ve trained and seen what some people can do, I avoid fighting at all costs because you never know what someone is capable of or has on them.

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anyone i know who can fight holds the same thought process


Yup. Which is so weird when you think about the loudest mouths are those that can’t punch their way out of a wet paper bag.

Perhaps it’s because they’ve never really been in a fight and in their mind think a fight is what they see in the movies? Or maybe on an unconscious level they realize they can’t fight so they are using their mouth as a way to bluff their way through the confrontation.

Not sure what it is, but could be a fascinating study to measure ones fighting ability vs their willingness to get into a fight/run their mouth.

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The smart money is always on the highest waistband.

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