Spam being locked in cases! Not in Hawaii!

Whenever my kids needed money they’d make up 50 musubi , take them to school and sell out to the Samoans in 15 minutes


I think there was a pretty healthy appreciation for bacon before the internet. You ever heard of pork bellies?


Seeing a McDonald’s Spam Macmuffin was a cultural experience in Hawaii…I didn’t eat one of course…but it was wild to see it. World War II was another thing.

Spam is healthy

This guy fucks.

You’re right Smiff, nectar of the gods.

Welcome to South Auckland, where cornbeef and economy-sized mayonnaise are under lock and key.


Don’t want ot make anyone jealous, but if you come to the suburbs you can have all the SPAM you want.

Even SPAM with bacon!!!

You can keep your filthy Spam. Just gimme Libby’s corned beef and hash.


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“with juices” ??? Wtf???

What The Wtf GIF by Justin


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10x better than Spam but not as accessible…