Spam programming by Zuffa will doom the Sport.

Zuffa has gone mainstream and the results are mixed IMO. After watching yesterdays marathon UFC programing on Spike, I found myself wondering why, why are they once again airing the same stuff we've all have seen over and over again?

You see my friends, this can't be good for the sport and i'll tell you why....

The confusion factor: Sure we know who the real champs are on the UG, but to some newbie watching Spike TV,they will believe Liddell is still the best striker and Matt Serra is better than GSP. When Zuffa airs random fights on Spike, the public sees a litany of old fights mixed with new fights, fights involving cans, fights by "former" UFC fighters,etc. This can only lead to mass confusion about the upcoming PPV'S. You can't build a star when you keep showing footage of him getting tooled in 06 on Spike.

Been there done that factor: With the Zuffa spam, I've gotten desensitized with MMA. I'll use this "movie" analogy-After watching it at the theater, renting it from Blockbuster, catching it on HBO, do you really give a damn about it once it gets to network TV?

You see what i'm saying?

Almost all the UFC programming on Spike (unless it's live)is unwatchable to me.

Repetitious programing equals Brand name recognition and financial gain factor: Playing the same footage a ridiculous amount of times has done nothing to alleviate the WEC. NOTHING.

ufc is just oversaturating the market to hurt other orgs.



I remember when Doom first came out, omg it was great. That was the first game I played on a pc.

The End - Zuffa has gone mainstream and the results are mixed IMO. After watching yesterdays marathon UFC programing on Spike,

I stopped there. Sentence two basically contradicts sentence one.

hmb is correct, the fans have spoken and they have had enough. Too much UFC.

their spam programming is old fights. Whats to complain about? Fights youve alreeady seen? O wait you probably havent even seen them

more cry baby faggots on the internet crying about Zuffa ruining "their" sport and free MMA


I disagree. I think the re-runs on SPIKE are great for the UFC because most casual fans don't buy pay-per-views, yet enjoy watching MMA on SPIKE or VS.

The UFC Unleashed shows on SPIKE draw in more people who otherwise won't watch the UFC, and keeps them somewhat updated about what's going on.

Plus every once in a while on there will be an unaired prelim fight, so even if you've seen all the PPV, there might be something new for you.