Spang-Burrell was stopped alittle early

My first reaction was Spang is landing these devastating knees and strikes, but Burrell was doing ok for someone who was hurt. When Spang mounted him right before the stoppage Burrell reacted by pushing himself out of the mount, and Josh stopped it right then. I would have liked to seen one more punch landed to see how Burrell reacted. Good fight by Spang. He is a favorite, and protecting the fighters is top priority. Stopped alittle early imo.

No way. He was taking to much punishment. Josh made the right call Phone Post

 Looked like Burrell is on queer street and in no way able to defend himself. He was on autopilot. Ref did a good job imo.

No, if anything it was stopped late. Burrell was not doing anything and as Pat mentioned was literally out on his feet. You could see a dramatic KO coming from a mile away. For a young fighter it is great if the ref can save them that damage and let them fight another day. There is no need for such a conclusive finish in non-title fights or fights with little meaning.

Pretty sure he had no idea where he was, didn't he say "i won't lie down" when he was laying there talking to the doctors?

Good point TzTinkle.

He was on queer street, but I have seen worst. He was defending himself somewhat, and the reaction to the mount made me think there was a chance for him to recover. Probably a long shot. No need for further damage.

 Every person in the house I was in was rooting AGAINST Burrell because they never heard of him and thought the pink pants were stupid (I know, lame), yet unanimously agreed that it was an early stoppage. I think Rosenthal thought he was hefereeing a boxing match and had a knockdown rule.

He was ALREADY diving in to stop it on the knockdown. He WANTED to stop that fight.

Burrell was out of it. He was rambling non sense on his ass long after the stoppage

It was stopped late. Rosenthal should have waived it off when Burrell tried to come forward but stumbled backwards into the cage. He put up no offense or defense after Spang rocked him. Dude was just a heavy bag in there.

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It looked like Josh considered stopping it when he was still standing and eating knees. He was simply waiting for him to fall down to justify the stoppage, or so it seemed to me. He definitely wasn't out, but he was severely assaulted by a lunatic white guy. All in all, it was a mercy stoppage. Phone Post

Josh is one of if not the best in the business i trust his judgement that was the right call. Phone Post

Good stoppage. It was going to get way worse for Nah-Shon. Phone Post

Good stoppage Phone Post