Spanish fellows dog shit in cemetary!

So me and a group of my friends were partying hard at our local hangout. Suddenly a Spanish fellow pulls up, get his dog out and lets it shit right on a grave! 

I tell this little 5'5 Mexican fellow "hey! That's disrespectful! You need to pick that dog shit up punk!". He instantly gets nervous. Starts stuttering and shaking in fear. He begs me to show mercy, and he bends over and picks up the dogs shit with his bare hand! Puts the dog shit in his pocket. He runs back to his car, does a hood slide like he's a Duke of Hazzard. Fires up that junky Ford pinto and guns it. 0 to 30 in about 14 seconds flat and he yells out the window " I hate white boys and I'm telling my internet friends!" 


What a crazy day. 


Don't give him anymore attention please.

dude is pathetic

I laughed

That wasn't a bad fake troll. Made me laugh a bit. I approve. 

HoneyGlazedJinx - 
invalid - dude is pathetic

Quit being a girl