Sparred today

Have not boxed in 2 years, sparred with a friend, real light. I forgot how much fun it was, I am hooked again. I am 42 so do not want to get hurt, do people think that you can go real light and still learn a lot?

i cant go light, get hit too much,

I like to go light and used to think that you could exclusively go light and be a good boxer. I am learning though that every once in a while you need to go all out and get the pressure put on you, that's where you do your most growing...

Those guys would kick my as, although I can probably run from them.

Howardo - it is a tough balancing act. I am 39 and I make my living as an actor. Obviously I can't go all out all the time. You have to have some high intensity days on fairly regular basis though or you might as well do Tae Bo.

That said, the most important thing still is that you keep moving and have fun.