Sparring Gloves..Need Opinions.

I need to buy some sparring gear for boxing/kickboxing in the near future. Can anyone recommend a specific brand or style of gloves (or headgear)?

Thus far I've been looking at the Fairtex, Ringside Ultimate Classic, Twins, and Cleto Reyes. Is there any specific brand that is preferred by the guys on here?

ive had the grant 16z japanese style ,and those are the best ive had, there really good,

unfortunetly my car was stolen with all my boxing gear, so i bought a pair of reyes 16, their good but not as good as the grant ones

i've always liked the ringside international gloves (in the catalog, holyfield is wearing them)

I agree 100% with TOMMYDAPIT. Better hurry if you want to get those though, they only have 3 pair left.

Excuse my ignorance guys, but whats the difference between Mexican and Japanese style gloves?

Japanese gloves have more padding. They protect your hands.

Mexican-style gloves seem to be designed to cut the other guy's face. I hate sparring against a guy wearing Reyes gloves.

Ringside has good middle of the road gloves, not to hard, not too soft.

Thanx for the advise guys...I went w/ the 16 ounce Japanese Style Grant gloves on sale at TitleBoxing. At half price, and your comments, i couldn't pass it up.

trust me bud, these are the shit!, im thinking of gettingh another,

the reyes i chose because i heard they were really good,the grant ones are way better, the glove molds to your hand,i also got the reyes boots and they started to fall apart after 4 months,

i had the grant shoes for over a year,although the reyes boots felt better the quality of the grant was way better

I have the same gloves as TOMMYDAPIT. Also highly recommended along with the Grant Japanese headgear.