Sparring Intensity

Just out of curiousity, what kind of intesity do you guys use when sparring??? Do you go "all out", or is it controlled???......I am asking because in MT training we typically went with a controlled sparring, but I have recently begun going back to my boxing gym where it is completely "all out" sparring.

Although I kinda disagree with all out sparring 100% of the time, I can tell you that it has really helped me to react a whole lot better under pressure. Not saying I would do this all the time, but when done in intervals, I can see some benefit.

I think all out sparring should very rarely happen. You are not learing when you are fighting 100%. You are just thinking about surviving and knocking the other guys head off. I think all good trainers would agree with me. Spar and spar hard but always with control.

If you can hit sombody lightly you can surely hit them hard. It;'s a simple as that.

I agree. Sparring all out all the time has a way of creating bad habits. If you spar 75%, you get to work on technique, timing, etc. without really worrying about getting KO'd. In ROSS, we call this SOFTWORK.

Not just that but people get injured that way and then there is no more room to improve before a fight because you are constantly fighting off injuries.

Again guys, if you are training right, No need to go 100%. Sparring at 70% no more will do... If you can fight efectively at 70% you will do fine at 100. You will be cleaner and sharper. My instructor always says,,, easy....Don't nail the heavy bag....

I spar usually at 50-75 percent with the occasion once every 3 weeks to a month 100 percent.

50-75% is a good rule for everyday. 100% can get your fighters hurt. Do it sparringly.