Sparring/Training partner needed..

Looking for sparring/training partners willing to start out slow and work up to full contact (stand up and ground).

Daniel, a student of mine lives about 45 minutes west of Cincinnati. He comes to my class faithfully twice a week (drives and hour and a half each way). He is also a police officer and triathlete. He wants to get into some NHB fights (in a year or so), so we are deperately seeking sparring/training partners.

The reason that I post that is so you can see how dedicated this guy is. He doesn't mind travelling to train.

If you guys are interested or know anyone in this area who might be, please contact me at

Email sent to a internet friend in Belleville, Ohio who has trained with Gassaways and Hammerhouse. Is that anywhere near? If not, maybe he has some suggestions.

Hey Gary,

I forwarded your message to a buddy from Columbus... he might know someone down that way.

I think Jorge Gurgel has a school in Huntington WV... not sure how far that is from your buddy?


Thanks for you efforts guys!

I haven't had much success on other boards. People hear the words "full contact" and they run the other way.

I knew my chances were best here!

Cincinnati MMA

"ck out george gurgel and rich franklin at
new generation martial arts
4420 lewis st.
middletown,ohio 45044
or scott sheely in bellefountaine if you have any questions my email is"