Due to the fact that so many people have asked me to try a bigger venue, Spartan has found a new home (well for the next event that is) at the Parklands Jupiter's Pavilion located across the road from Griffiths Uni in the grounds where the Big Day out and the Gold Coast show are held.

Friday 30th of July will feature `NEW BLOOD 2` which will utilize the same venue and production but will feature more the novice wanting to jump in for the first time in either A class or B class rules and some of the less experienced fighters with 1 or 2 fights under their belt.

A good opportunity to test ones skills under professional standard conditions. The admission for spectators will be low and a two day pass will be available for those wishing to see both events.

SPARTAN 10 `Clash of the Gladiators` on the next evening, Sat the 31st of July, will feature some of the countries best MMA fighters and I will give you a run down of the card in the next few weeks.

The venue can hold up to 2 thousand inside with backstage fighter's area big enough to jog in. All ages may attend and it is also licensed so it will be good to get some of the younger crowd who have not been able to attend previous Spartan events.The car park can hold 1000 cars and is right at the door.

This is very exciting news for me and I am taking a risk in moving up but I feel if I don't take the risk I won't move ahead.

I hope it is a success and good things come out of this. Anyone interested in fighting on either card please contact me on (07) 5571 5155 or 0412 541221 many thanks and big cheers!

Kerry Dunne-Promoter

fantastic news Kerry!!! I can't wait to see who is on the card. Brilliant to be able to get a bigger crowd.


Thanks Oz. Also allows me to get up to more tricks with the actual entertainment side of things as well.

Great stuff. Keep on moving forward!


Sounds awesome kerry, can't wait!!!

Have to risk big to make big mate, you'll do it in style!


Sounds good Kerry. I must admit I love the atmosphere at the troccaderro, but I too was thinking Spartan is now so successful it should look for a bigger venue.

Can we get a heads up on who we may have on the main card?


Hey James. I think most people know I am hoping to get Matt Foki and Anthony Perosh macthed for the Title fight and should know in the next few days on that one as for the others, it would only be speculation at this stage until i get confirmation so, best wait until I know for sure. Cheers and come down and roll on Friday!

Kerry - you're running 2 shows, back-to-back, in a brand-new, larger venue that you've never used before? You're ca-razy!! I'm definitely looking forward to it though.

Don't take this the wrong way, but this appears to be displaying all the traits of having bigger balls than brains!!

Cadmus, thats why chicks luv him,

Kerry "BIG BALLS" Dunne :)


Sounds like a busy weekend.

But a very positive move towards the bigger picture in the promotion of M.M.A. and will certainly get all of us (in Toowoomba) supporting the shows.

Re-Guards Joe

*will certainly get all of us (in Toowoomba) supporting the shows*

Toowoomba slackers, cause you never supported them before :)

My balls may be small after all. I have decided after much deliberation to shut down the Friday night show and concentrate on Saturday as well as needing the time to make sure the production is coming together.

Joe's KOTM show basically is a strong feeder show for Spartan and I would like to keep that as an on going concern (...or unless my balls get bigger).


P.S. Just a teaser, Kelly Jacobs `v` Andrew Spect has been confirmed today as one of the under card fights which should be a great match up.

Sounds awesome Kerry hopefully everything turns out for the best. I'll be there one way or the other.


Kerry "Small Balls" Dunne.

Kelly Jacobs `v` Andrew Specht

Great match. Andrew has been training like a demon and has been wanting a crack at a name fighter for some time!!!

Looking forward to this one!!!


Hey Frank. They may be small but at least I dont use them as bag pipes(in joke, had to be there).

I'm sure Kerry will make Spartan 10 a huge success. He consistently brings the goods with every show he does, and i'm certain that this will be no different.

we all know he will do it better, it is just how he is going to do it?

Sounds like it's going to be an awesome show. Anthony is training hard. He's getting ready to hurt people...