Spartan 13 - Fri April 1

Kerry and I are happy to announce that SPARTAN RFS will be held on April 1st at Southport Sharks.

We have some very exciting international talent planned.

Sharks have made us a very good offer to get our business and we are looking at a long term deal as SPARTANS new home.

More news soon.

Submissions of interest from fighters for the undercard can be sent to

David McDonald

Do I see Spartan wanting to be just like XFC, to the extent that they are now promoting where XFC have held events. One thing to say to Spartan directors, couldn't you at least find your own location to promote your events. And people wonder why the promoters can not get along.

Maybe if Spartan used their own initiative they wouldn't look so stupid.

Interested in what the card will look like, maybe it will be ok as they may have been looking at other promoters websites to get an idea of who to put on.

It makes you look pathetic.

*edited to not even bother

Look forward to seeing the card

I know what your saying Boneher, Couldn't believe it when Kostya's managment lined up a fight for Kostya to fight at the Telstra Dome, Bill Mordy and Fenech already did it.

How rude of them

Not to mention the promoters that used to all use Fetival Hall in Melb and Brisbane, what were they thinking

What about the Rugby and the AFL, how dare they use the same rude.

And thats with out going into the different bands ect that have used the MCG

*crosses Boneher off mailing list saves stamp cost.


1: Sharks called us stating they were approached by Spartan who wanted to use the venue

2: I objected stating we won't promote under the same roof.

3: Sharks stated "they have no problem sharing with you and KOTC"

4: I stated that "I am sure that dunlop volley would have no problems in sharing footlocker with nike"

5: Sharks advised that the clubs rules could not allow him to knock back anyone

6: I forthwith cancelled the XFC April 8 event and KOTC, likewise cancelled theirs and went to the RSL.

It sickens me that on a continual basis my sponsors, staff etc are poached by the other promoters but I guess immitation is the greatest form of flattery.


Hey go a club where I live and because no promoters want to copy each other only the one band plays there. Great band but fuck you get sick of it after a few weeks.

If Sharks could have a MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing or wrestling card there every sat night (yes even from different promoters) i'm sure they would as they are in business to make money.

.........then again Keats, sometimes you are right on the money.

Southport Sharks is home of XFC,

will be sad not to attend there again.

Had some awsome times and watched some awsome matches (TE-PAA VS NOKE) and with the exception of XFC3 being at the RSL(which is awsome too) I can't see it being the same experience.

They are a business, if they say there rules say they can't refuse then they can't refuse. Even if they could they have the right to fill their vacant function room every night if they want to.

As Justin has done he moved his event and thats his call because XFC is his business.

Starting to think your holding back on us Justin, your match making, promoting, coming up with new title ideas, selling tickets and moving the whole event...sure your not tied up in KOTC in some sort of way??? ;)


1.Sharks have been approaching me and trying to get the show on board since Spartan's conception.

2.I was happy with the Troccadero as they looked after me and would not even think about going to the Sharks while another mma event staged events there out of professional courtasy.

3.Troccadero closes down.

  1. Dave and I scout a new venue all over the coast and consider everything.

  2. Sharks says the other mma event has moved to the RSL and offers us a good deal.

  3. Spartan has a new home and looks forward to a good ongoing relationship with Sharks.

Hope to see you all there for what is shapeing up the best show yet.



Does that mean that KOTC and XFC are not at Sharks anymore?

If so, where now?



XFC and KOTC are at Southport RSL effective immediately.

Fire me an email.



I bet currency alternative and Oh Yeah productions approached you too.


Justin are you more involed in KOTC than you have been telling us?


1) Gold Coast has more shows then Melbourne
2) Sucked in Keats
3) No really, sucked in Keats



While I was on holidays over X mas some 1 of my opposition/compotion in business approched my supplier and also while on holidays 2 of my opposition/compotion offered one of my good customers a better deal than I had been giving them so I had to do a bit better for them once I found out.

If you don 't like business don't do it.
Also been over this once before by my oppositon have tried to get my workers to change over and work for them also...things work alot different in the real world don't they.

But hey I have also found that if I treat my workers and customers well they seem to come to me and talk things over before making up there mind what to do and we seem to work it out.

Being the good bloke you are Justin, you also have nothing to worry about.

Well we don't have the politics you have in MMA either sucked in Tank...Ohh thats right thats because we only have one show...Sucked in again Keats :(

I think the move to a new venue will be very positive for Spartan. All the best with the show.