Spartan 9 review Japan Mag

Just arrived in the mail today a copy of `KAKUTOGI TSUSHIN` the largest MMA mag in Japan which has a full page write up on Spartan 9 courtesy of reporter Toshiyuki Ito. It features some great photos including a version of Spain's awesome jumping knee in full scope. This mag has helped get Spartan fighters names out to the Japanese fans as this is the 7th time they have been featured and I often get e-mails from fans wanting to know more info on our fighters.

I would like to thank Toshiyuki personally as I have known him for over 8 years now and he was my first grappling instructor and is a good teacher as well as a fine martial artist.

Any one who would like to check out Toshiyuki's Submission arts wrestling gym while in Brisbane contact him on 0410 594 064.

how do i go about getting a copy

Hey Richard. Give us an e-mail on and i will send you a jpg. There is a great shot of you finishing with that lethal knee bar and the look on poor Ngarkou's face says it all.

Chris, I think S.A.W. is in the city. Could be wrong.

If memory serves correctly, I think I remember
seeing SAW on Merivale Street at South Brisbane -
diagonally across the road from the Southbank
TAFE campus...just up from the Convention
Centre. I think that there is also some type of
karate or TKD club operating out of the same