Spartan announces Charity Sponsors

Just a quick note to let the hard core MMA fans what we are up to behind the scenes for Spartan 12. Also tickets are moving fast so if you want a seat don't risk being dissapointed


Press Release 8-11-04

SPARTAN Reality Fight Series is proud to announce that it will be raising money for Paradise Kids Charity Organisation on November 27 at the upcoming SPARTAN 12 to be held at the Troccadero in Surfers Paradise.

Paradise Kids runs seven-week grief and loss support groups for 3 to 5 year olds and 6 to 11 year olds. Children and adults participate in separate support groups. In the children's group, each child is supported by a volunteer "Buddy" as they participate in activities designed to express their feelings and thoughts around their loss. Through art activities, stories, movement, breath work, music, sharing and listening to others, children learn effective and safe ways of coping with their loss.

Former NRL player Scott Sattler, famous for his stellar career and that match winning tackle in Penrith’s win over the Roosters in the 2003 Rugby League Grand Final, has agreed to do a charity boxing match at the upcoming SPARTAN 12, with all proceeds from the fight going directly to help the Paradise Kids community.

Spartan 12 co promoter David McDonald who has an ongoing volunteer involvement with Paradise kids is delighted that Scott has agreed to donate his time for the charity.

“Scott is very excited about the prospect of helping the community and is looking forward to the night, we thank him for his generous support. Paradise Kids has been serving the community for many years by helping kids to process their feelings and emotions that surrounds separation in their lives.

The separation can be from parents splitting up, illness or death in their family or even in extreme cases incarceration. So many people are giving of their time and we are proud to help out with raising money to see their good work continue! We also hope to show the lighter side to Mixed Martial Arts in Australia and we welcome all new spectators to come along and dig deep to help Paradise Kids!”

People can support Paradise Kids by either getting along to Spartan 12 on November 27 or heading to the website

Nice work Spartan!!!!

I have known Dave Mc Donald (my new business partner)for a number of years now and he is such a genuine guy. He has been involved in this organization for a number of years as a weekly volunteer and he works hard in every thing he undertakes.

I look forward to a long and successful relationship with Dave and i am glad Spartan is taking positive actions in contributing to Paradise kids.

Well done Dave!

This is fantastic! It's a real privilidge for me to be part of this card.

Thanks Majestic,

Nice to know when you are the end of the day we are here to serve the MMA fans


It's really beautiful of you guys to donate to such a worthy cause :)

ttt for Spartan!

As one desperate lonely tear gracefully follows the contours of my cheek, falling off the crevice of my jaw to it's finale detiny, on the key pad of my laptop, I thank you Nick for your sincere encouragement., donate some money you prick! (insert what appears to represent a smiley face here)