Spartan fighter signed to PRIDE!

News just confirmed, Matt Foki the current Heavy Weight Spartan fighter, has just signed to fight in Pride's Bushido tournament in May.

I first went to Tokyo last year to promote and build up a relationship with the Pride people and we talked about haveing the Fokis on the show. The negotiations were taken over with Ray Matsumura and Nick Patridge later in the year.

There is a rumour he will be fighting Alexander Otsuka who was here in the last Spartan cornering his student and after Mr Ohba lost a close decision Mr Otsuka is possibly looking to even the score.

I am trying along with Ray to get 2 other Spartan fighters in Pride and will keep you informed when news comes to hand.

Well done Matt!

Excellent news for Matt!!!

Looks like Pride are taking the Aussies seriously! Perhaps we may see a bit more Aussie flava a bit closer too ;)


fuck ay.. thats awsome. hope he does well.

Great news. I think Otsuka may be a bit too large a step up for Matt, but best of luck all the same. Let's hope this starts a trend!

Think the Jap's like them large steps for the gajin ;)


awesome news, great work matt! (and kerry for making it happen!)

Excellent stuff! I thought Bushido was for the smaller guys? Or are there only two sizes? large and extra large.

Awesome news!!!

Big congratulations to Matt and Kerry!!!


Congratulations Kezza - What about the eliminator champ Anthony "The Hippo" Perosh - maybe we could see Matt fight him over there. ;)

Congratulations to Matt from all the guy's at Rings Toowoomba.

Congrats to Matt

I too was under the impression that Bushido was for the light weights.

Can anyone clear this up?

Great news for matt

Hope he does well

Hmm....wrong thread

Mirko beat Yamamoto on Bushido 2 so they must have H/W's too. I think its mostly for guys around 185lbs though.

Also great news! Will be good 2 see one of the guys I've watched here fight in Pride.

Good luck, any news on who the other two are?


Congrats Matt and Kezza. Thats the way to go. I hope Australias other elite damage-men can get the same breaks. I would love to see fighters like Perosh, Bonello and the likes also get chances to take on the world in these establaished high profile international events.

Kezza - how is Matts foot injury going after his injury in the Eliminator?

Now that we have an Aussie in the show, we need Pride and Mainevent to get their act together and get the shows on PPV !!


Got my ticket! Here come the Foki's Japan!......(*packs KFC vouchers and 'Japanese For Dummies book')...

"Now that we have an Aussie in the show, we need Pride and Mainevent to get their act together and get the shows on PPV !! "


Good idea. As well as emailing Mainevent re the UFC, lets also email them re the upcoming Pride show.