Spartan/Fightworld MMA gloves

For those of you who are interested in a possible alternative to some MMA gloves around the new Spartan/Fightworld gloves that made their debut last Saturday and were presented to each fighter are now available to purchase. They come in red/black and blue/black very basic but functional design with a double velcro wrist support.

E-mail me at and the cost is $45 which includes p&h and gst.

wow cheap as chips

They really are good gloves, I would recommend them, especially at that price. They're completely thumbless, looking a lot like the Ouano's the UFC uses, and they don't get in the way for grappling at all. They don't seem to restrict power either - there's really only enough padding to stop you from skinning your knuckles... ;-)

great gloves, the wrist support is fantastic and they're great for grip.

I was impressed! Great fight gloves! $45 is too cheap.


...too cheap, yes! ...but there's more! ...with each pair of leather bound, European styled and designed MMA glove in a choice of colours (red or blue)you get a free nose relocation, various lumps around your head (for that individual look), a cut lip certain to impress those hard to attract females) and we will even throw in a fractured jaw at no extra cost!

Nice....fractured jaws are set to make a big comeback for summer, everyone who's anyone will be wearing one!!!

Can see Kezza on an infomercial already!

Look out Tim Shaw...Heeerrrres Kezza!

I bought a pair last saturday after the show, i haven't had the chance to train with them yet but they feel very confi... ;)

*breaks own jaw* suave!


oooh look at the way the water dribbles out of D's broken mouth, sex-xy! ;)

Anyone know if Kerry still has these gloves for sale?

Sent him an email but no responce as yet (prob busy like the rest up us leading up to Christmas). Need to buy a pair of MMA gloves by Christmas as i was meant to order some so mum/dad could give them to me as a Christmas present. As as normal i'm running late and now i have a mad mum on my back to give her the gloves so she can wrap them for Christmas for me to open in front of the kids. :(

Help please.

hey keats. where abouts are you as i am in sydney at the moment and headed to melbourne we may be able to meet up as i have some with me.

if you want to ring me try 0412 541221

Thanks Kezza. I'm in Shepparton Nth Vic about 2 hrs from Melb, but would love to try to catch up or work something out as i really need at least one pair and maybe 2. Your a life saver, this could get mum off my back. :)

When will you be in Melbourne?

I will ring you soon, again thanks heaps.

Thanks heaps Kerry for your help, catch up with you just after X-mas.