Spartan on ADCC News

Spartan Results (and limited pics) on ADCC News.

Check it out.


Well thanx to ADCC updating their news, the article has already moved off the front page.

You can find it by type Spartan in the news finder, or you can go to this link...

Elvis opens in a new window

Thanks Elvis for the submission and JJ for write up.

Well I planned to send the article about Anthony and JJ did say a bang up job with his write up I thought the exposure would be good. Next time I'll actually be smarter and remember to put in a website or email for Spartan.


Kool, its good to see that Australian MMA are getting exposed to other parts of the world so that can more people from other places can see the kind of talented fighters that Australia can produce. ttt!!:)

cool beans

For sure. Hopefully people submit the articles, because that's pretty much all it takes to get on ADCC. Hopefully all the shows will continue to spread the word.


Good work!