Spartan Poster

QLD is packed full of action at the moment, cant wait to move back there.

spartan got a new logo? that torch? thing on top there? not going with the big S. is that what they use to have?

good work with poster.

Hi Steve. Thanks for the kind words. I really like what you did with the last XFC poster. Best yet! We never really had a big `S` (Marvil comics wouldn't let us)but the torchy thing will do for now.

Great poster...... This is going to be an awesome event

awesome poster, cant wait till the show

Is it possible to do a money transfer to pay for tickets Kerry? Or is it best to go through the venue?

Hi Todd. I will make a thread regarding how to buy tickets. Best to do it directly through me. Contact no. (07)5571 5155, 0412 541221 or e-mail me at Thanks mate!

Thanks Chris. That reminds me, anyone wanting a poster or flyers, even if you won't be attending the event please e-mail me your address and I would be more than happy to send some to you.

Cheers Kerry.

hey kerry what is the website again? i cant see it on there?

Thanks Chris!

Kickass poster I knew it would be anything but....he he
- Juggs

Looking good, you will have to get some up to us so as to promote.