Speaker Doc is in

I would like for everone to know that i worked in home and car audio for about 9 years. I did sales and install and just wanted to let everone know that if you have any questions... Tv's, dvd, HD, Plasma, LCD,DLP, all the crazy crap you get cramed down your face at the big box shops, I am hear to help. I will check this thread daily and if you have any questions just ask! I have done small systems all the way to $80,000 dollar systems, I know what is real and what is a joke.

FRIST TIP OF THE WEEK: The average life expencey of a conventional TV, bought at your tipical box shop is less than 3 years. The power supply are the first to go and are the most expencive to fix. The manufacture wants you to have to buy a new set every 3 to 5 years.

B4 you buy any stereo equment please ask the speaker doc first. You will thank yourself you did!

How can I best hook up my Explorer 8300hd through a Faroudja DVP-4000 to a panasonic DW7000U.

I have an old JVC reciever, its suddenly began to cut in and out while playing. It does it very randomly, sometimes will go for a day or two, sometimes it does it as soon as I turn it on. Any idea what it could be?

das check your speaker wire for a short 9 out 10 is a crack in the speaker wire, your amp's protection circuit is turning on, or you have a burnt spot on the voice coil of the woofer, wich will casuse intermitantly shut down, it the reciver compleatly turns off it is a power supply.

ok pony you got nice equment, the Digital Video Processor up converts all video to hdmi, so go componet (red,green,blue) from he dvr box to the faroudja and take hdmi to your projector, all audio signals use digital coxal,or fiber-optic. Just remamber you have to get audio and video from each of your units to the video processor, mostlikley you need to use the onscreen display to set everthing up, but again nice gaer. I got b&w speakers with sony video projector.

Actually I just threw that out there.

I used to do home automation and conference rooms like the war room and the naval operations center at the pentagon.


You'd be amazed how many of the office buildings around washington have cia offices sporting RF shielded rooms and secure conference rooms.

Thought you might have tested me but that's ok. You picked a nice projector. Ya i worked for Almas Hi-fi for 6 years, Doing sales, and install. The best was this crazy b&w surround system with Arogon electronics, The presendant of the company flew out to hear the system because that was the most expencive set of speakers and wire used with his amps. We used there Theather pre and 7 mono blocks. Bi-amping the front channels and a amp on eachother channel. Spent 20,000 on speaker wire. AuidoQuest speaker wire and interconects. The sound was bar none, Base responce was flat to 26htz. Simply amazing!

2nd Tip of the week: Base loading a room... If you own a powered subwoofer, place it in one of the 4 corners of the room and gain about 3db of base, you can then turn down the gain on the back of the sub amp and have more headroom with the sub in damanding sections of music or movies.

Keep the questions comming and i will try to answer them.
Post Script: If you ask any questions about BOES...DON'T, There crap and if you where suckered into purching them I can't help you. Come on... They are a 3" paper cone, and a 5" woofer in a slot-port box. All Highs All Lows nothing in the middle. A Sub-Woffer is 8" or bigger.

Thanks big Mike, will report back.

one last thing, you can use an ohm meter and meter your speakers, they shound be anywhere from 7.4ohms to 8.6ohms. Anything less is a blown driver and that is causing a short. YES you can have a blown speaker that still plays.

any last questions b4 x-mass?

Hey das...........does it click audibly at the reciever when it goes out or comes back in.

In clicking I mean the click that happens about 2 seconds after powering on just before the speakers come online.

If so........I had a jvc that died though it just decided to never click again and would power off right at the point that it would click.

There are many forum posts regarding this failure but I ended up smashing it during a party and never followed through.

the click you hear is the safty device. It is a simple magnetic relay. The system is works when you power up the reciver you power up the circut and hear the relay clicking on, there is 2 ways of shuting down a reciver, one is a soft clip...when the reciver goes into procect mode and you hear the relay click off for a second and then back on. or a hard clip of the reciver, where the demand was so great and the power supply could not keep up with the demand and the whole thing powers down. Hard clipping is verry bad and is nothing more than you turning up the volume to high. Most recivers don't make any more power past half on the volume nob.
People are always wanting more power, when most times 10 to 15 watts of clean power is all you need, Check the db rating on the speakers. anything above 96db is good. Klipsch Makes a speaker with a db rating of 103db 1 watt per meter. That means a 1 watt the speaker plays at 103db. I used to play them with a hand held raido. And they played loud. I am NOT saying db ratting makes a speaker sound good but a high db rating will make a crapy reciver sound good because you don't have to run it hard and run the chance of clipping the amp.
Power will never blow a speaker, distortion will every time. the ug way of explaining distortion is your amp ran pot of power and shut off. if you have a speaker that is lower than 89db and is rated for 8ohms they are lying, when in motion the speaker will touch down to 1.25ohms. Clipping most box shop recivers,
I was in bestBuy and looked, besideds klipsch, all the speakers they have are so bad that they would almost always shut down a normal reciver. And probley blow the power supply with ina year,

Merry Xmass

Wow, you're a real asset to this forum bigmike.

I haven't reported back yet because the problem stopped as suddenly as it started. Really strange, it had gone on for a week at the time I wrote the initial question.

thanks, been selling gear for years, again check the ohms of your speakers if you can, that is the best way.

Next tip of the week: Corner loading your subwoofer. If you have a powered sub, place it in one of the 4 corners of the room and you will gain 3db of more base, in turn you can lower your gain on the back of the sub, (The volume knob is not realy a volume knob, but a gain knob. It is a line matching device) and get harder hitting base!

new tip of the week.
Want to make a sound improvment? upgrade your RCA and speaker wire. You need to go to a good sound shop, one that will let you try them in your home but GOOD rca's and GOOD speaker wire make a huge differance in sound. Speaker wire should be solid core conductors not fiberwire that you are used too. (aka monsterCable) Try Kimber and AuidoQuest

I recomend Audioquest Type4 speaker wire ($3 to $5 a foot) great for bi-wire and normal wiring, soild bass and not too bright on the highs.

The long and short of it is....There is no good better best kind of wire. you have to play around and find the set that sounds good to you.

alright, im building a setup now for my house. i primarily listen to music in my study via the computer (currently using 100 logitech speakers)

i have about 3k songs on my hardrive and 90% of my listening is through these mp3s. the problem is i started listening to classical music and buying only cd's instead of stealing it because the cd's are dirt cheap and i didnt want to lose quality.

anywho as ive been frequenting a forum to discuss the music they all talk about there fucking amzing system and posting pics and shit so i thought id build a setup. nothing upper end, but entry level hi-fi shit.

so, what ive deduced my needs to are...

1. improved sound via my computer

2. a nicer setup in my study where i will be primarily listening

3. having a couple speakers in my entertainment room (directly adjacent to the study) and the distance between where i would put two speakers in there from the pc station is about 10ft. (though i would have to hide wires about 20 feet to hug a wall, go through a door opening etc...)

Setup 1

Cambridge Audio Receiver (could substitute it for NAD, Arcam etc..)

Cambridge Audio DVD-CD Player


Cost- 1500-2k

Pros- Top notch components

Cons- Price, little versatility

Idea 2

1. upgrade sound card

2. buy AudioEngine 2 speakers for the study (into pc)

3. buy AudioEngine 5 speakers for the entertainment room (wirelessly)

Cost - 700

Pros - Inexpensive, based around my usage not desires

Cons - I havent yet figured how to get the AE5's to synch wirelessly with the pc, or know if its possible without extra shit

Ive looked into Airport Express, Squeezebox etc.. but that seems confusing and im not sure i wont have to buy extra shit (DAC's?) which eliminates the price advantage

Im wondering how hard is it to conceal wire if i had to hard wire it. (i dont want to)

Alot of audiophiles online say id be better served buying a stand alone system for the entertainment room and upgrade my pc card/speakers, but i kind of like the idea of having everything tied in together in one happy relationship.

im lost, help appreciated!


Wire is wire & I'm gonna tell you right now that a ton of the stuff that you learned working for a high-end dealer is complete profit-oriented bullshit.

Not denying that you aren't being helpful, just know now that a lot of stuff you've learned is GIGO. Nothin' personal. I worked in that field for a while too & was also suckered by some of it.

Not related to that, but just for the record tons of speaker drivers are 4 ohms & there are other less common configurations than your standard 8 ohms. Just for those who may mistakenly generalize from this thread.


sorry i havent check back in a while...good question.......hear we go, if you use your stereo reciver to drive the second zone, aka the office you are probly running on channel b, and if that is the cast you have the same wattage as channel A, but half the current. and anything over 12 ft you lose 3db per ft. i say for best performance 2 seprate systems. But i understand your problem. Half dozen one way, dozen the other.
I say get a good not great sound card. Mp3 and other simular formats compress or alltogether cut the herts. if you are looking to have a system that you just listen to in the background i say hook up to one system and only drve one channel at a time. if you listen just to your computer u have a sorce problem and it don't matter what you have hooked up, your sound will be as good as the file it is formatted in. So going out and buying a $300 to $500 sound card is dumb.
As for my advice take it as you may...Everone listons to differant music and have differant levels of understanding how music is recorded and reproduced. YES if you go to a bigbox shop they are commishion driven and will sell you everthung under the sky.

In a perfict world....Small Pre-Amp going to a Small amp, then too your speakers. Use a dvd for your cd playback, the DAC on most dvd players are ok, then use your analog out of your computer to the pre-amp. If the room is larger than 20x20 floorstanding without an sub. smaller then 20x20 bookshelf are ok, but you still need a 6" mid-bass to get good vocals.
I know that this does not help you, you have two very diferant problems. I don't know if one system will fix your felidelity problems.