Speaking of sales

Anyone here have experience with selling insurance?
I've been thinking about applying for one of them. I'm in sales now, but the residual income on insurance sounds great.


Thanks Iron Joe

Fudo, my father in law made a career of doing this type of thing. He was an independent agent for Phoenix, which is a company that specializes in high end policies. To say the least, he made a good life for himself and his family. Not only did he stockpile more cash than he will spend in his lifetime, he still receives residual income. And on top of that, his family will be well taken care of when he is gone.

However, he didn't just focus on insurance. He also did financial and estate planning, which as I'm sure you know, is a tough gig. Especially when dealing with high end clients that require a great deal of confidentiality and discretion.

Being in sales already I'm sure you have the game to talk, and the willingness to take the risk. But if you do, you'll get paid. The rewards are great. He got a lifetime achievement award when the company flew the family to Monte Carlo all expenses paid, and surprised him with the awards. Then when he retired, he was given a trip to Greece. It is a GREAT industry to sell in, but it has also become very cut throat apparently. No risk,  no reward!