SPEAR and Red Zone

Hi guys,

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Jerry Wetzel and I run an affiliate school in southern California. Last year I released a video on functional defense against edged weapons titled "Red Zone". The video has done very well and I've had some great responses....but I'm not writing to sell a video, but rather to share an interesting story.

Toward the end of 2003 I began to format the material for the follow up to the first video. The idea was to delve deeper into certain areas touched on in the first video as well as share some new technical and training insights. Lots of heavy training and thinking went into this process.

One area specifically that I wanted to address was dealing with an attacker who chooses to brandish the weapon before attacking. The scenarios could include a person who pull a knife during the midpoint of an encounter that began empty hand, for instance. A key ingredient to developing functional technique is a good training partner. In this case my "little" brother. The nice thing about brothers is that they don't seem to worry too much about going full out.

I had a few ideas about things I wanted to try in this scenario but they weren't really working the way I wanted them to. Probably around the 10th or 15th time we ran through the scenario I had a thought, "Why not just SPEAR the little bastard?" We restarted the scenario and as things progressed I watched for the moment when intention became action and WHAM!!! Damned if he didn't come COMPLETELY off his feet. We both sort of stopped for a second before erupting into laughter. My brother, never one to let me off lightly, wanted me to try it again, and again, and again. Each time the result was the same.

This experience left me in an interesting position. Up until now, all of the material on my videos had been my own. Not that I have a corner on the truth but rather my own expression of the culmination of my training. There was no way for me to deny that what I was doing was "The SPEAR". There was no way I was going to rename it and start to market "the SPIKE" or something equally ridiculous. My goal in creating these videos was to create the most functional counter knife program available. It was clear that the SPEAR had to be a part of the program.

I called up Tony and let him know that I was going to be demonstrating the SPEAR on my upcomming video, but that I would NOT be teaching it. He was very supportive and gave me his blessing.

The video is in the editing process and there are some dynamic visual testaments to the effectiveness of the SPEAR that will be on the final product.

If you haven't already, you MUST train with Tony. The SPEAR is a must have for any person serious about self preservation.


Jerry "the SPIKE" Wetzel,


Let's see...

Supreme Powerful Impaling Knife Extermination...

I think your Red Zone video is excellent: solid tactics and great training methods. Adding the SPEAR system and tactic to it will only make it better. It is a 'bridge' after all ;-) Just like Tony always said, good information never replaces other good information, just no information or crap.

Let us know when the sequel is coming out!



Just don't try to use S.P.A.R.K.Y. (Spontaneous Protection Against Real Killers, Yo?). It's already trademarked and I have a ruthless attorney.

Can't wait to see the tape.



That is one of the most natural, descriptive, honorable and classy posts
I've read in a long time. Thank you. Seriously.


PS, I have a Black Belt magazine shoot in June...i.e. Ill be in So.Cal. we
should try to line something up at your school.

PPS. The COmbatives Camp is in NYC in August, one of the blocks we
are doing is on knife defense training, if you are in the area :-) or can
make the trek I'd be more than happy to give you some time to present
REDZONE principles to the group.

Classy post, resounds of integrity!! :-) 

Hi Jerry,

I recently bought your Red Zone tape, and thought it was excellent!
No BS, just solid, basic tactics, and strategies. I'm sure the follow -up tape will be amazing.


Danny Evans

PDR Team

Hi Guys,

Thank you very much for the feedback. The next video will surpass the first one in sooooo many ways starting with DVD format:)

LOL! Phil, you made that sound so cool I make have to rethink my previous position of integrity, honor, blah blah;)

As soon as it is edited, which should be soon, it will be made available on the website but this is not the place for me to advertise. Thanks again guys.

Take care,

"As soon as it is edited, which should be soon, it will be made available
on the website but this is not the place for me to advertise. Thanks
again guys."

Geez Jerry, thats a reverse psychology type ad, all that was missing was
your damn web address, seriously if you had wirtten
www.centerlinegym.com it would've been complete, luckily you didnt
write www.centerlinegym.com



LOL! Tony, you rock! Thank you!