SPEAR & MMA or SPEAR in hospitals?

This into from one of the Drs. on the PERSONAL DEFENSE READINESS team:

From: Dr. Eric Levasseur

Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 5:14 PM

To: Tblauer@videotron.ca

Subject: Hi Coach

I'm pretty excited. We had a very violent patient (Mr. X) during a night shift 1 week ago and there was only myself and two nurse in the ER room. The patient was bleeding from a knife fight and came to ER to get is wounds repaired. For whatever reason (he was on cocaine) he became agitated and aggressive towards the other patients and the staff. After a few seconds of hesitation I used the SPEAR on him when he was coming at me. He fell on his back and I was able to hold him on the ground (white a scarf hold) until backup arrived. He wasn't injured by the technique and we were able to sedate and then treat him for his wounds. I still get an adrenaline dump just thinking and writing about it. Your teachings about fear management and everything you showed me seemed to come back to me in a condense way in a few seconds. It was a moving experience!

Thanks a lot for everything,

Eric L




Not only did you avert a near tragedy by possibly saving lives, but you did something that too many people in the martial arts fail to respect until its too late...and that is one of our motto's [likely to become someone's DOT COM soon :-)]

And that is: "Experience is something you get shortly after you need it!"

...unless you train using replication and simulation models, of course.

ANother thing that you did was flip the switch:

Being attacked when your mind has a singular focus on life-saving tactics [as opposed to 'life-taking' tactics!]is an experience to be filed away in the 'I just did it!' file and testimony to the spontaneity and recall of the SPEAR research [if I friggin do say so myself!!! I'm proud of you!!]

Congrats Eric and for those of you reading this and interested in our philosophy on TOOLS vs. TECHNIQUES please go to our archives and read the HOCKEY BEATING DEATH thread [use the search its easier].

Stay safe everyone.

Tony Blauer


Your decisive action and faith in your skill quickly brought a situation under control in which waiting for the police would have probably been too late.

This is a testimony that the good, law abiding citizens of the world armed with realistic self defense knowledge can be our best allies. A veritable "well armed militia" against the criminal element.

Like a warrior, you acted!

My respect to you...we need more like you!

Tony Torres
Va. Beach, VA

Way to go Eric! I have had the privilege to get hit by the good Doctor in Montreal by his SPEAR during advanced PDR. Keep saving lives, man. (Any Team discounts? My back and left knee are killing me again. Ha,Ha)



Dr.Levasseur , you have my utmost respect ! When the chips were down , you acted . On one hand you experienced a somewhat ugly situation , but you rose to the occasion , and protected yourself and others around you . You also showed skill thru restraint , acknowledging that force must parallel danger . That must be easier said than done amidst an adrenaline dump !...

Thanx for setting such a great example !
Grateful , Var

PS : Tony , thanx for posting Erics story here ; somehow this morning it's just the thing I needed to hear . I needed some inspiration , and I got just that ! Like you say in one of your tapes , wouldn't it be great if there was a station that played nothing but happy stuff : Someone successfully fighting off a mugger , a woman's intuition saving her from harm , a child dialing 911 and saving her brothers life as a result , a small business tripling it's annual sales etc etc ... We would soon see just how empowered we really were , that anything is possible ; thru belief in ourselves and a lot of commitment !
This forum is just such a 'station' !!

Congratulations Eric!
Awesome job!


Dr. L,

Nice move! Way to apply what you've learned!

"Your decisive action and faith in your skill quickly brought a situation under control in which waiting for the police would have probably been too late."

You hit the nail on the head Truart!

Congrats again, Dr. L.

Strength & Honor

Naso Karas

It's great to have feedback from PDR and MMA friends
It boosted my confidance.
I'm a firm beliver in non violence and now I'm convinced that the more I train the right way the less violence is going to happen to me, my surroundings or my potential aggressors.

Have faith,

Eric L