Spear Question!

Thanks Tony, I never really had problem using the SPEAR on any side or condition. I was just wondering if a nuance of the drill was being missed by me. But your right all that matters is results.

I registered for the PDR in March. Im gonna be there!

This is a fairly common misunderstanding.

I got picked up by a seminar sponsor at an airport many years ago, he says:

"Tony, er, you look much older"

I say, "We've never met, which videos do you have?"

"Panic Attack series" he replies.

"Well I was 28 when I filmed those, that was 10 years ago, I'm older now, pleased to meetyou"

Dont try to 'copy' moves on my tapes - dont read too much into how I do a move...STUDY my tapes. Do not turn the SPEAR into a rigid kata. It is not a technique, its a tactic. The system and tactic enmesh.

Review your tapes, especially the ambidextrous examples. There are many demos of multiple sides and transitions to reenforce its spontaneous merit.

You might study a move on a tape and the day I filmed I injured an elbow and only do demos on one side [as example]. So study the tape, not the technique.

ANd to really beat a dead horse, heres another example:

Eg. A friend today asked during a training session if the SPEAR I sometimes demo in the air where my outside arm seems canted and higher than my inside one was a different version or for higher punches, etc.

I said to him, you mean this [demoing], he says 'Yah', I smile and say that's me dropping my arm so that I can talk to the camera without blocking my mouth and face so YOU can see me on the instructional video. We laughed.


I was watching the new tapes by Tony and I noticed that he does most SPEAR applications with his left foot forward. I figured this was just his natural poistion, or from boxing so much, or a tactical move for keeping his gun side behind and allowing him access. My question is, I for whatever reason (natural reaction or my NVP) I have my right leg forward and push into a tactical SPEAR. I don't notice a problem in intercepting an attack, my head is a closer to his chest and my stronger arm is doing the 90 degree rule. The only potential problem could be not intercepting the haymaker earlier and putting the attacker off balance. Does anyone else have this problem or maybe it is not a problem. So right leg forward intercepting a right haymaker.........