SPEAR???? What is it?


No prob. Remember, most 'posts' do not convey inflections like sincerity or earnestness; therefore the words chosen to convey a thought are crucial to getting a decent answer.


I am training for MMA competion and I have just recently joined this forum. I would like to know about the SPEAR system I have hearing about and if it works. Any help would be great. What is SPEAR what does it do in layman's terms would be cool. thanks

Matt, until some of the guy like Sean or Tom can get to this, head over to the archives and read the threads that tell about the SPEAR. Also look at the present thread "SPEAR vs RAT" It contains some good info as well.


Hey guys. I have been watching the two threads here that are basically asking the same questions: What is the Spear? First I have to confess that I am a die hard JKDer, but being such this means I WILL eagerly incorporate ANYTHING I find to be useful. Secondly, I have nothing but respect for Mr. Blauer and his efforts so don't think I am trying to put his system down. (if it works, it works!). This being said I have to ask; why can't these guys get a straight answer? Maybe they didn't ask the right question. I don't think they are really asking what it "is", but how does one "do it"! If you go to a boxing forum they will tell you jab, cross, slip... Wrestling, double leg takedown.... JKD, intercept, blast, headbutt, elbow, knee. Why the mystery here? I've been to Mr. Blauers' website, and it is a great site, but it contains very few specifics. Great concepts, but I've never hit anyone with a concept. There needs to be a delivery system! So here is my "challenge": Describe a scenario in which the spear is used, and how, and be specific! We (JKD) use many concepts, but if you ask us how to deal with a specific attack, we will tell you! So please share the wealth! Peace! -Leif.

P.S. Aus, nice curse, pass the toilet paper!

Stansfield, That was all I was looking for, never to offend or chastise anyone. My instructor Joe Maffei met Mr. Blauer once and had good things to say about him. The unfortunate truth in the martial arts community (as I'm sure you know) is that there is a lot of snake oil out there. I felt that the people asking about spear were not finding what they needed, so shooting from the hip, I tried to arbitrate. I also have to commend Mr. Blauer on the loyalty he seems to have from his followers! Now your answer brings up another. If I am a total newbie with no combat experience, how would Mr. Blauer begin training me? Also, what if it isn't an ambush? What if it is a standoff? Can I still use the flinch response? What if my flinch response is to curl up in a ball and scream like a girl? ;-) (Just kidding on that last one!) Seriously though, you say :"you must research this", well, that's what we are all doing here, so lay it on us! Peace! -Leif.

Well I haven't talked much at all on my thread so I will ask this does SPEAR really work? I've looked at the site and I understand a little bit of the concept, now the question remains can SPEAR help me? I am not trying to offend I am just trying to find out info I keep a total open mind so I just want to hear from people what they think.

Tony's stuff works Matt go here and read some of the stuff people have to say about it:Testimonials

There are also cooments here: LEO SPEAR

Hope this helps,

Chris (The guy with those nifty HTML links that save us alot of typing and/or cutting and pasting)


Appreciate the arbitration. :-)

LEif, your questions, while innocent tell me that you do not really understand what the SPEAR SYSTEM is about. I teach it to 'newbies' and real-world warriors. How can that be? And if you think I can teach it here, now, by typing, well, that may be part of the problem :-)

You ended your last post with the line from Mr. Stansfield's post:"you must research this", and you add: "well, that's what we are all doing here, so lay it on us!"

You missed the point and intention and 'operative' word in the quote...the word 'YOU'.

BIG_DOG: DOes the SPEAR work? Yes. DId that help?
I'm not trying to be sarcastic [except to force a realization]. I like Sushi you like Szechuan. They are both oriental foods. WHo is right? And which chef would win in a fight?

Your question, 'will it work' and 'what do other's think of it', makes absolutely no sense to me.

If you have read my site, and seen the references from soldiers, from cops, from well known martial artists and you've read the ARCHIVES where all walks of life reference it [from little kids using it to cops and average 'joes' in the street] well dont take this the wrong way...you are either not really named BIG_DOG_MATT [its an alias] and you're here as a troll or you are not experienced enough to understand what you are reading.

In case no one noticed, my reply here, picks up where the NEW 'communication' left off; in this case, I felt that my office's post and Mr. Stansfield's post had introduced adequate info on the SPEAR, certainly enough to start a personal exploration or enough to intuit that the system is NOT for you.

In the end, isnt it about 'personalities' and not technique [like MA styles]. SOme people love the interaction here others can never find what they are looking for. [The latter may be that the person knows exactly what they are looking for or has no clue :-) ]

Threads like these, while perhaps innocent in intention are 'dead-end' streets for me for several reasons:

1. Few people seem to be truly satisfied with any answer these days, in this forum, the UG and life in general. Very often I find myself shaking my head while reading. People want the Holy-Grail [hand-delivered] without an investment, without a relationship, without blood-sweat & tears...

2. WHen I do not answer directly, it is immediately presummed that I am either hiding something, selling something or missing something...in fact, all I'm doing is answerig the questions how I choose to.

3. This forum contains perhaps some of the most in-depth conversations found anywhere on MA forums, regularly shares insights, ideas and info and still its not enough.

HOw many remember or have read the HOCKEY BEATING DEATH THREAD or WOULD BJJ HAVE SAVED HIS LIFE thread? This is a perfect example, most were looking for a technique to counter the ambush, its not about technique or techniques.

Mr. Stansfield's post identified a quote of mine regarding technique that I use often in advanced training, usually only a few in the class absorb it there as well...

"That there are more soldiers than Generals is likely not an accident."


Tony I am not a troll (what ever the heck that is) I am new to this site. I read up on your site and the testimonials and I will check it out. I didn't mean to offend I just ask a lot of questions cause I like to learn.


No body is faulting you for wanting to learn, just feed your appetite intellegently. Don't bite off more then you can chew and don't starve yourself of the experience.

The S.P.E.A.R. System is something that is best experienced by oneself. Although one can grasp a basic understanding of this system through the information provided here on this forum as well as Tony Blauer's site, you'll not completely appreciate all that it has to offer until you start doing the drills, train with someone who has the experience or attend one of Coach's many seminars. And even then some are unable to grasp it's potential, yet others have just viewed a 5 min. clip from a video and were able to apply that knowledge in a real world setting. As others have implied, it is a simple concept made up of numerous smaller complex concepts. That is one of the beauties of this system.

I can share with you through experience that the S.P.E.A.R., both 'protective' and 'tactical' work. I have used it in the field as have several officers and civilians under my coaching. I have seen students stuggle with the concept in a static environment, yet executed it flawlessly during Ballistic Micro-Fights or Panic Attacks were the perceived threat appeared real.

The information above by Stansfield and the others are very informative in what the system is about. I would like to just add one more thought for you to consider. The S.P.E.A.R. is built around your flinch response. The flinch isn't always that contorted position that we find ourselves in when introduced to that sudden stimulus. The flinch is anything which derails us from our objective. Think of it this way. When sparring or consentually fighting with an opponent who catched you off guard and disrupts your rythmn, what is your reaction? To create distance!! This will most likely put you in harms way if you are facing a skilled opponent. Although you are presently in the fight, the S.P.E.A.R. will assist in closing this gap when confronted with this scenario bringing you to your tools.

But again, this is something that need to be experienced...


Ok I kinda get it now with the explanation from Extreme Justice. Thanks guys and Tony if I offended you in anyway shape or form I am sorry, I was ignorant and now I understand the concept of SPEAR. I'm gonna go and order the vids next paycheck. Thanks guys for the help. : )



No offense taken, with the 'safety net' an alias provides, often people who like to stir things up take advantage of their anonymity.

I'm glad you find the system intersting.

NOTOES: Have you read the archives? Have you read the SPEAR threads? All the 'concrete' info one can get has been written over & over.

Some want an explanation for body/mind systems that does not translate to paper. How many ways can I explain this [or others]? The SPEAR is not a technique and my system is not a sport, so the answers here, will be different than on many other forums.

If you are sincere and genuine then please leave out phrases like "I dont seem to be able to get any concrete information about this".

Many from the PDR team and others have spent 20-30 minutes writing detailed & thoughtful answers, explaining the system in detail and still there are a few of you who cannot grasp our message - if you are looking for a quick fix - it doesnt exist.