Special account for BJJ black belts

Sent an email... Still nothing! Phone Post 3.0

Great idea!

Just sent email!

Test Phone Post 3.0

just checking


Happy to say... Email sent!


Nothing. Come on, man! I have a black belt!!! lol. Sent email already O_o Phone Post 3.0



Sending info now...nice touch

Sent my info in

I sent my info about 5 days ago. Should I have received something already?

James Phone Post 3.0

Email sent!


This is a great idea.  Really cool to see all the Platinum names.  When you add up all the years of training of each of these members the number would be astounding.  And, continuously growing!  Very cool.  Respect. 

emailing now.


Sent an email at the beginning of February... Still nothing. Is this still something you guys are doing? Thanks, again. Phone Post 3.0

Ignore the word "noth" and replace it with "everything" Phone Post 3.0

My platinum name turned black again.  Did I get demoted  ?  lol