Special Counsel for Trump/Russia Megathread

I get to look back on a long-form thread wherein some of us continuously displayed more discipline, more rigor, and more talent than some journalists who made a living, or even launched a career (see Natasha Bertrand & others) off of the topic.

& we didn’t do it for money. We did it either because we were bored or because cutting through the bullshit mattered to us.

You don’t often feel proud about some bullshit done on an online discussion forum… but here we are.

Some of the hooples who got sucked into a particular disinfo-stream have demonstrated an inability to let an investigation two years beyond its end go. The thread will forever live, at least, in infamy among the hooples, but the hoople-endurance will give it a chance to make an impression on the reasonable minds as well.

Shut the fuck up. The bums lost! You lose again by trying to hold on to some moral victory.

Stop. You’ll have to identify which game you’re speaking of before your assertion is comprehensible.


You mean the game of public perception? I’d consider that a draw.

You mean the game between a DOJ-regulated SCO and the executive branch? I think the Trump admin. takes the W.

But I’m not playing games — except for, maybe… the glass bead game as you play checkers on the surface, you bitch-muppet.

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I will admit this thread definitely taught me how to read through the media bullshit.

Learned if so you “if” “could” “probably” and similar words that you should read between the lines.

Anonymous sources articles always have a political spin based on some truths.

Eye opening thread

How there can be 400 pages and you almost never getting anything right but maybe your own name. It’s pretty much statistically impossible but somehow you pulled it off. Congrats!


If I had been embarrassed to the level you were in this thread I would call it a draw too.

Mr Rogers Clown GIF

What do they say about ppl in glass houses?

Didn’t you have a low T emotional breakdown thread not too long ago?

I haven’t seen this thread in a while.

PSL is such a dumb bastard

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is this where i parked my car?


Bump for old times sake