Special Counsel for Trump/Russia Megathread

i can only read the first one, others are too small - whats the news? we already knew he didnt charge them with crimes. what does that have to do with collusion?

Basically no evidence Roger stone partook in hacking operation.

No charges to don jr because WikiLeaks did tweet out the password to it’s followers so it was shared with WikiLeaks followers with regards to a site that a PAC was launching

JD Gordon did not change the the party platform with regards to Ukraine at the direction of Russia.

That’s it so far. BuzzFeed hasn’t shared the entire document

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There’s actually a link to the less redacted Mueller report in the article. Just downloaded it


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You fucking hack. Hahaha

@PumpkinSpiceLazarus i think he’s talking to you!!

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The epicness of this fail continues to grow with each passing day.

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