Special operations forces tribute/highlight videos

A few videos that I thought were cool, thought I'd share them.

Polish SOF (GROM)



Australian SOF - Commandos and SASR

Italian SOF - Col Moschin

American SOF - 1st SFOD-D/CAG/Delta force

Old video but still cool

ttt Phone Post 3.0


Canadian SOF - CSOR/JTF2

Brazilian SOF - GRUMEC, Para-SAR, SOB

Danish SOF - Huntsmen/Frogmen Corps

Very cool, in to watch them all later Phone Post 3.0

Russian SOF - Alfa Group (Spetsnaz)


Norwegian SOF - FSK

South Korean/ROK SOF - SEALs


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Couldn't find any Messican sof vids, sorry broski.

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