Special Thanks!!!

To Jesse, John J., Sherman, Davis, Z, gord and Dying Breed and any others I missed for some sound advice and support that had much to do with the success I had tonight. John a few things you said on a post really gave me a vision of my problem and I fixed it.

I've always had good stand up in the gym but have not been able to focus enough to use it in a fight. Tonight I fought a tough boxer with a head like a rock and liked to dig in hard to the body (took some nice body shots). I placed a massive beating on him in a 3 round war. This guy just kept coming with strikes and he survived some huge leg kick that knocked him down twice and 3 solid sub attempts. At one point in the fight he had me in a choke and I was falling away for a moment.

For the first time in my fighting  I believe I achieved peek performance of all the skills I have learned in MMA over the last almost 3 years. I will be getting this fight on disc very soon and I will post it for all. I think you will like it, it was the fight of the night.

Congrats Aaron.  I look forward to seeing this.

Thanks Ridge

I have a picture of me and the guy post fight. His face is a wreck but we really had a nice talk before and after the fight. I will post that before I post the fight.

did you get one of your hand being raised, like we talked about

way to go Aaron! sounds like a great victory....the HG is 2-0 this year...lets keep it going!

Good bro, improving every fight is how you become a champion.

the rev

congrats, I look forward seeing the fight!

good job aaron. wish we had the luck this weekend but not getting submitted by macaco was a fight unto itself. Damn bjj steroided out black belts......But we recieved much respect from chute boxe and an invitation to train with the vanderlei crew in curitiba. That alone was a stunning compliment. 1-1 with chute boxe........

Congrats Aaron!

Yeh well done!


Thanks fella's

you are most welcome brother ...did my advice about biting him in the leg when you shot, worked?


No, but I bit the crap out of my tounge in the fight.


See the first problem there is that you shouldn't have crap in your tongue, secondly, if you do have crap in your tongue don't bite it out.

the rev