Speech on Best Iowa Based Fighters

Im going to be writing a speech for class related to the blackballing of MMA fighters in the local media in my area.
I need some help coming up with some of the best fighters to come out of, or to train in Iowa. I need you guys to compile a list of fighters that would qualify as notable or outstanding MMA fighters that I should mention. I also need their qualifications, titles held, records, where else they have fought etc. etc.

The national media has begun o pick up their coverage for these things but the local news (the newspaper in particular) still refuses to report on, or even post the results of the big fights... but more notably to me, they refuse to post results or report on the local events.

SO, my speech by requirement is a persuasive speech and to tie it into this I need to persuade the audience to write a brief email to the local newspaper requesting the results of local and/or national MMA events.

To me it is a shame to have so much talent coming from or training in the Iowa area and never getting the recognition and support that would come from this kind of coverage. I dont expect an article every time there is an event in the state but I would like to see a quick rundown of outcomes etc as they do for baseball and other sports.

So, who are the best fighters to train in or come from Iowa, and what have they done to deserve this accredation?

Kevin Burns will be the next Big thing to come out of Iowa if you are smart I would contact him. I guarantee he will be in the ufc WINNNING within 4 years.