SpeedJiuJitsu-Blue Belt Course

Is the speed JiuJitsu Blue Belt course any good?


I see that its on sale and the concept sounds interesting. I just purchased the Rorion/Royce Basic and Intermediate tapes. I have no prior knowledge of JiuJitsu, And I wanted to know if there was alot of overlap between the two sets. This is what the website says

"After each technique is demonstrated on the tape there is approximately 4 to 5 minutes of accelerated learning exercises. By the end of the tape you will know and be able to remember all the details of each technique and would be able to perform the techniques from memory. By continuing to work with the accelerated learning exercises at the end of the tape the techniques are quickly developed to the point where their application in a sparring situation is second nature. This course teaches a new and powerful way of learning. This is the only place that teaches jiu jitsu techniques in a way that enables the student to learn over 60 techniques in a few days and have them be functional on an instinctive level within two weeks. The accelerated learning methods in this course can be applied to techniques learned in class as well to other video tape courses."


It's extremely difficult to learn BJJ strictly from video tape, especially if you're doing it alone; you need training partners, etc. Many who do it simply have no other choice. Most people only supplement their normal training with video tapes.

Where in Indiana do you live? There is probably a club/gym somewhere close.

Close to Columbus

Oh, then you have two choices. We have a club in Bloomington through Indiana University. James Clingerman teaches in Franklin (I believe). My friend is from Columbus, and trains with James when the university is on break.

You can contact me at kbhat@indiana.edu for contact info for both clubs.

I want speed black belt

I just want speed

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the only thing that video series did was put me to sleep fast. they should retitle it speedsleep- a blackbelt course.